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Dublin: New Blog For Citizen’s Free Press

11 Oct


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Dublin: Vetran Campaigner Launches New Anti-Drugs Blog

26 Sep

A new anti-drugs website was launched in Dublin today by the well known veteran anti-drugs campaigner J. P. Anderson.

Containing almost 7,000 articles, all of the articles published on the previous blog are available on the home page.

Titled: People’s Free Press Ireland: Newsline.

The new look blog is to be found at:

It replaces http/lostchildreninthewilderness, which had received 255,000 views over the past 12 months

Editor Saying Thank You People For 255,000 Views Over The Past Year

25 Sep

On September 28th 2010 this blog switched from My Space to

Within that 12 month period readers have viewed the blog a total of 255,000 times.

As editor I want to say “THANK YOU PEOPLE”.

The name and address of the blog has been now changed to:

J. P. Anderson. Editor:

Paris: EURO + Eurozone F****D Osborne Warns Diddering EU Leaders

24 Sep

‘Six Weeks To Save The Euro’ Warns Osborne

Chancellor George Osborne has warned European leaders that they have six weeks to tackle the economic crisis engulfing the eurozone.

He spoke as stock markets around the world stabilised following heavy falls earlier in the week.

Mr Osborne said a meeting of the G20 nations in France in November remains the deadline for action to tackle the financial problems.

Speaking after meeting with fellow finance ministers from the group of developed and developing nations , he said there was a recognition of the need for urgency.

But Labour leader Ed Miliband renewed his calls for an earlier emergency meeting to agree “a plan for growth” to steer the global economy back towards recovery.

A late rally was not enough to prevent the FTSE 100 suffering its second worst weekly fall this year, losing 5.65, or £78bn, from its value.

Turmoil continued on markets across the globe as world leaders failed to ease global recession fears sparked by a gloomy outlook from America’s central bank, weak Chinese and eurozone economic data and the enduring sovereign debt crisis.

Prime Minister David Cameron used a speech in Canada last night to urge the eurozone to deal with its debt and the US to put its public finances back on a sustainable path.

And he put himself at the head of a six-nation bloc of G20 leaders signing a letter calling for “decisive action to support growth, confidence, and credibility”.

But Mr Miliband accused Mr Cameron of “lecturing” foreign leaders, when he had no more to offer them than the same austerity package being imposed in the UK.

Instead, he called for co-ordinated action by the G20 – whose members represent 85% of the global economy – to restore growth.

“What we need is a plan for growth here at home and across the world,” said the Labour leader.

“That’s the way we tackle the debt issues that we face.

“The problem is that the Prime Minister may have woken up to the crisis but he doesn’t have a plan to deal with it.”

“All the Prime Minister seems to be offering is to say ‘We have got austerity here and I am going to export it abroad’. That’s not a solution to the problems the world faces.”

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Changhua County, Taiwan: Thousands Of Children Set New Violin Record

18 Sep

More than 4,600 Taiwanese schoolchildren came together for a mass violin-playing session, breaking a world record that had stood for 86 years.

An official from Guinness World Records witnessed Sunday’s event that brought together 4,645 children aged under 18 at a stadium in central Changhua county, the county government said.

More than 4,600 Taiwanese schoolchildren came together for a mass violin-playing session

The performance was 30 seconds longer than the required minimum of five minutes, it said.

“Creating a world record is not our goal. The event is to review a music education promotion programme for schoolchildren launched seven years ago,” Chang Chueh-fen, a county official, told AFP.

The previous world record was set in 1925 in London when 4,000 violinists performed.


Co Kerry: Killarney Named As Ireland’s Tidiest Town

5 Sep

Killarney has been declared Ireland’s tidiest town, a week after it picked up an award for the country’s cleanest town

Killarney has won two awards in a week

Killarney has won two awards in a week
This year’s award for the tidiest town in Ireland has gone to the town of Killarney.

The result was announced by the Minister for the Envrionment, Community and Local Government Phil Hogan this afternoon.

The Co Kerry town also scooped the prize for Ireland’s tidiest large town. It comes just a week after the town was declared the cleanest in the country.

Adjudicators spent the summer visiting towns and villages across the country.

The prize for Ireland’s tidiest village went to Emly in Co Tipperary.

The tidiest small town award was won by the town of Lismore in Co Waterford.

The people of Kilkenny can celebrate for a second reason today as it has also been named the tidiest large urban centre.

The tidy towns competition has been in existence for more than 50 years and a record 821 communities got involved this year.

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Blackpool To Become A Leading Family Holiday Spot In Europe

2 Sep

The Blackpool Tower reopened Thursday after a 10-month revamp, the centrepiece of a £250-million bid to breathe new life into the faded holiday resort.

The Blackpool Tower now boasts a tower-top viewpoint and a gruesome dungeon museum to attract visitors

The dark red structure, inspired by the Eiffel Tower in Paris, now boasts a tower-top viewpoint and a gruesome dungeon museum to attract visitors.

Opened in the 1890s, the tower was a popular tourist attraction for years but its popularity declined as holidaymakers deserted resorts in favour of cheap deals in warmer climes.

Blackpool Council, which decided to regenerate the tower after buying it, hopes its regeneration programme for the area, worth 280 million euros or $400 million, will return the seaside town to its heyday.

The tower retains many original features such as the Tower Ballroom and Tower Circus, and new attractions include the Tower Eye, a viewpoint at the top of the structure with an entirely glass observation platform.

The dungeon museum is described as a walk through the region’s “most horrible history”.

There is also a specially-commissioned film of the history of the tower, including the story of former mayor John Bickerstaffe’s decision to build the landmark, which he took after being inspired by seeing the Eiffel Tower.

The film features “sensory effects”, from sea spray splashing in viewers’ faces to the aroma of beach donkeys.

The council has been working with Merlin Entertainments on the regeneration and company boss Nick Varney said the tower “looks fantastic and has been restored with a great deal of skill and care.

“This, together with all the other investment going on in the town, means this much-loved seaside town has the potential, and the vision, to once again become one of Europe’s leading family holiday destinations.”


General view of the Eiffel Tower in …

General view of the Eiffel Tower in Paris

Blackpool Tower has been reopened to the public following a 10-month multimillio … Full Story »Revamped Blackpool Tower reopens