London: Unprotected Sex Among Young Increasing

26 Sep


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Video: Unprotected Sex On Increase In UK 

The number of young people in Britain having unprotected sex with a new partner is rising, a survey has shown.

A study of British 16 to 19 year olds found that 61% have had sex, 43% of which admitted to having had sex with a new partner without using contraception – compared to 39% in 2009.

Reasons given for unprotected sex with a new partner included not liking using contraception (23%), and being drunk and forgetting precautions (15%).

The proportion of girls who said they had a close family friend or family member who had an unplanned pregnancy rose from 36% in 2009 to 55% this year.

Boys considered themselves better educated about what contraception was available, with 62% of male survey participants describing themselves as “very informed”.

 However, only 55% of girls felt the same way about themselves.

Between both girls and boys, a total of 16% believed the “withdrawal method” was an effective form of contraception.

Ineffective sexual education was highlighted as a worrying problem.

Nearly one in five girls and 16% of boys said they did not receive any kind of sex education at school.

Additionally, 16% of boys and girls said they did not trust their teachers to provide accurate and unbiased information about contraceptive choices.

Doortje Braeken from the Adolescents and Young People for the International Planned Parenthood Federation said: “We think the median age in this country is around 16-17 years old that young people get sexually active.

 “There are some excellent sexual health education programs in this country. But still some young people say we don’t trust teachers completely.

“Quite a lot of young people are still afraid to go to services. Whether it’s true or not, they fear that the services are not confidential. I think that’s one of the major issues why young people don’t go to services.

“They think ‘maybe they’ll tell my parents’. There’s still this fear of shame around it.”

Researchers surveyed 200 British young people as part of a study of 6,026 people aged 15 to 24 across 29 countries between April and May.

The study was conducted to coincide with World Contraception Day, a campaign to improve awareness.

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