Tipperary North: Local Authority Estates Should Use CCTV To Deter ‘Little Thugs’: Councillor

22 Sep

A COUNTY councillor is seeking to have cameras installed in local authority housing estates to combat antisocial behaviour.

Cllr Pauline Coonan claimed “little thugs” had made life a misery for some council tenants.

At a North Tipperary County Council meeting, the Fine Gael councillor did not name any specific estates or areas where cameras could be installed.

But she insisted the local authority had to be vigilant, “particularly when some young people would be preparing for Halloween bonfires”.

Ms Coonan said antisocial behaviour remained a problem in several council-run estates in north Tipperary.

She proposed the council use “covert cameras” to catch such offenders in its estates. She said the council is already using cameras to detect and deter litter offenders.

Similar devices, she said, could be used to monitor trouble-spots in council estates.

She suggested her proposal would be only a minimal financial burden on the council.

The presence of cameras, she said, would help stop people from wrecking things such as flower beds.

Ms Coonan said the problems highlighted were confined to only a small number of estates, and a small number of people. She urged the council to put such people “on notice they would be evicted if they continue this antisocial behaviour”.

Cllr John Carroll (FF) said “the vast majority of tenants behave very responsibility” but noted a small number have damaged on council houses.

He said it fell to the council, with its limited resources, to carry out repairs.

He said action should be taken in places where tenants were found to be repeatedly causing damage.

The council’s housing officer Eamon Brennan said an antisocial behaviour policy was in place along with a set procedure for dealing with any complaints.

Mr Brennan said tenants are required to carry out repairs at their expense when they are found responsible. Any work by the council are charged to the tenants’ rent account, he said. www.garda.ie


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