Queensland, Australia: Bones Are From Murdered Teenager Daniel Morcome (13)

29 Aug

DNA testing has confirmed that bones found recently in an area of swampy marshland are those of a missing Australian teenaged boy.

Daniel Morcombe went missing in 2003.His parents are waiting for closure eight years later.

Daniel Morcombe , 13, disappeared in 2003 while waiting for a bus on the Sunshine Coast in the state of Queensland.

He was planning to go shopping for Christmas presents and to get a haircut, but was never seen again.

His disappearance sparked one of Australia’s highest profile missing child cases.

In a statement, Daniel’s father Bruce Morcombe said: “Today’s news is extremely sad for us all and although we knew in our heart that the search area was Daniel’s final resting place, the scientific confirmation is still enormously difficult to comprehend.

“For 7 years and 9 months it is that expected shock we have all been waiting for.”

More than 100 emergency service workers, as well as volunteers, have been scouring an overgrown area 20 miles from where Daniel was last seen although the search has been hampered by bad weather.

As well as the human remains, a pair of shoes was also discovered, although police have not said if they match those worn by Daniel.

Queensland Deputy Police Commissioner Ross Barnett said the search was unlikely to start again for another 24 to 48 hours.

“Obviously we are keen to resume the search as soon as possible,” he told reporters in Brisbane.

“We are hopeful that more remains and other forensic evidence will be found; we can not be sure of course.

“As long as it takes, we are not going to walk away from that search until we have exhausted absolutely every area of search that we can do.”

Queensland MP, and Foreign Minister, Kevin Rudd used Twitter to urge Australians to spare a thought for the Morcombes.

“All of us should spend a while today thinking about the Morcombe family. May little Daniel now rest in peace,” he said.

In recent years Daniel’s parents have struck up a relationship with Gerry and Kate McCann.

Denise Morcombe wrote to Kate McCann after Madeleine went missing in 2007.

The two couples have met, united by their similar experiences.

Brett Peter Cowan, 41, from Perth has been charged with Daniel’s abduction and murder.


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