Navan, Co Meath: Former Garda Informant Injured In Bomb Attack

24 Aug

The victim of a bomb attack in Co Meath this morning was a former garda informant, RTÉ News has learned.

 Technical examination under way in Navan

Technical examination under way in Navan
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One News: Pipe bomb explodes outside Meath home

One News: Pipe bomb explodes outside Meath home

RTÉ News has learned that the man injured in a bomb attack in Navan, Co Meath, this morning was a former garda informant.

Paddy Dixon, 48, was injured after he opened the door of his home in the Beechwood Estate and a booby trap bomb exploded.

Gardaí were called to the incident at 8am and the area is currently sealed off while a technical examination gets under way.

Mr Dixon is understood to have received minor injuries and is now under armed guard in Our Lady Of Lourdes Hospital.

Mr Dixon was a garda informant for former Detective Sergeant John White, who was sacked from the force following the publication of the Morris Tribunal report.

The tribunal found that Mr White had planted a shotgun at a travellers’ halting site in Burnfoot, Co Donegal.

Mr White was subsequently acquitted of criminal charges.

Paddy Dixon was a car thief from Blanchardstown who gave information to John White about stolen cars which were subsequently used to transport Real IRA bombs.

Mr Dixon was under garda protection and was never in the Witness Protection Programme.

He is believed to have been living quite openly in Navan for the last number of years.


DISSIDENT republicans are suspected of being behind a booby-trap bomb which almost killed an ex-Garda informant who infiltrated the Real IRA.

Paddy Dixon, 48, had opened the front door of a house he shared with his son in Navan, Co Meath, when the improvised device exploded.

A crude detonator connected to the door set off the pipebomb at the Beechgrove housing estate where he had been living openly for several years.

A Garda source said Mr Dixon, originally from Blanchardstown in Dublin, was lucky to be alive.

“He was nearly killed,” said the source. The device exploded at about 8.10am.

Mr Dixon is thought to have leapt back when he spotted the pipe bomb and suffered shrapnel wounds, mostly to his legs and upper body.

He was taken to Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda, where he was being treated under armed guard. His injuries were described as superficial.

Garda technical experts and an army bomb disposal team were called to the scene.

One of the main lines of inquiry is that Dixon was targeted by the Real IRA over his former role as a police mole within the republican faction.

“The reality is that this was probably the work of the Real IRA, but there could be other reasons,” said a Garda source.

Detectives are also investigating if there is any reason why Mr Dixon may have been targeted by any criminal gangs.

It is understood he has been living openly between houses in both Navan and Ashbourne, Co Meath, in recent years, and had been working in the courier trade.

He was never part of the Garda witness protection scheme though he had been afforded Garda protection.

Mr Dixon was an informer for sacked Garda sergeant John White, who was removed from the force in 2006 after the Morris Tribunal, an inquiry into corruption within the force, found he had planted a gun at a Traveller halting site in Burnfoot, Co Donegal.

A one-time car thief in and around Dublin, Mr Dixon tipped the plainclothes detective off about cars stolen to order in the Republic for the Real IRA.

Sgt White repeatedly claimed information he had been given about a car used in the 1998 Omagh bomb attack which killed 29 people had been ignored by his seniors.

The Nally Report found no evidence to back his allegations.


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