Kilbarrack, Dublin: Campaign To Stop Eviction Of Community Drugs Programme Gaining Strength

24 Aug


The Director of a long established community programme that provides a wide range of services in the much marginalised, (North Dublin 5 district) of Kilbarrack, for local, former and recovering drug addicts and also a range of services to other members of the community including children, teenagers and adults who may have needs unconnected to drug abuse, but these needs are most closely connected to marginalisation, disadvantage and poverty today issued a blistering attack on the landlord of the premises being used by his highly successful community project the ‘Kilbarrack Coast Community Programme’ (KCCP) for taking legal action in an attempt to evict the project from the rooms located at the rear of the Kilbarrack Community Hall, on the Greendale road in Dublin 5, from where the project has operated from since 1998.

Mr Declan Byrne, accused the local community association, Kilbarrack and District Community Association (KADCA) the landlord of the premises being used by (KCCP) of “waging a deliberate and malicious campaign to discredit and malign his project, it’s staff, service users” and anybody within the community that has contact with the project.

He also accused the KADCA of “dishonesty” in basing their legal action in the courts to evict the project from the rooms at the rear of the Kilbarrack Community Centre, as being based upon deceit in order to protect ‘their little fiddle’.

The KCCP campaign to ‘STOP THE EVICTION’ is gaining speed and power with both local and national support building in support of the project in order to prevent the project and it’s service users being evicted by the landlords.



Wednesday, March 02, 2011

A DUBLIN City Councillor has denied a conflict of interest where he is acting as solicitor in a case where a local community association is seeking to evict a drug treatment programme from a building.

Cllr Tom Brabazon has acted as solicitor for the Kilbarrack and District Community Association (KADCA) in its attempt to evict the Kilbarrack Coast Community Programme (KCCP) from a building on Greendale Road in Kilbarrack.

The matter is now due to be heard in the circuit court, and Dublin City Council is to write to the HSE and the Department of Community, Equality and Gaeltacht Affairs to ask them to try and resolve the row.

KADCA claims it is owed rent arrears of €12,000. It also claimed that other conditions have not been kept as part of its agreement with KCCP, and that it has made a number of complaints to gardaí about drugs being sold around the centre.

KCCP refuted that allegation and has also claimed that it paid rent annually, only for it to be returned to them by KADCA. KCCP said 41 jobs are at risk if they are evicted, as well as the health of those clients using the service’s alcohol and drugs-treatment programmes and the 140 children who use the centre.

The civil bill for non-payment of rent was sent to KCCP by Mr Brabazon, and contains a claim that KCCP defaulted on its rent and that repairs to the premises, requested by Dublin City Council, have not been carried out.

It also claims: “It has come to the attention of the plaintiff that controlled drugs are being sold by non-parties on the said premises and the plaintiff has brought several of these instances to the attention of An Garda Síochána.”

Mr Brabazon denied there was a conflict on interest, and said he had checked with the ethics registrar in the council and had abstained from any council votes on the issue.

Marian Clarke, coordinator of KCCP, said they had always paid rent in advance, but claimed on at least two occasions, it was returned to them by KADCA.

She said that after this happened; KADCA then asked for the rent for three years to be paid all at once but said it would not be accepted as rent, but rather as rates in return for alleged damage to the property.

She also said that KCCP had paid the 2009 rent following legal advice, and also the 2010 rent, but these payments had been refused and that no invoices or receipts had ever been received by KCCP.

Dublin City Council confirmed that the land on which the centre was built was leased to KADCA on a 99-year lease, conditional on the lands being used as a community centre.

“Dublin City Council’s North Central Area Committee undertook at its February meeting to call on the HSE and the Department of Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs to work to resolve this issue,” a council spokesman said.

The director’s report and financial statements for the year ended 2009 for the Kilbarrack and District Community Association shows that it had a cash surplus of €13,367, and cash reserves of almost €80,000.

Local Dublin North East Labour Deputy Tommy Broughan has raised the protection of vital community services in Kilbarrack in a special Dail debate with the Minister for Health.

Deputy Broughan asked the Minister in Dail Eireann to take all steps necessary in conjunction with local stakeholders including Dublin City Council and the newly formed Kilbarrack/Foxfield Community Residents Association to ensure that the Kilbarrack Coast Community Programme (KCCP) remains in the Kilbarrack Parish Community Hall given the large range of active programmes for the support and recreation of the young people and families of Kilbarrack and for the drug prevention and education services which KCCP provides.
Speaking in Dail Eireann Deputy Broughan said, “Based in the Kilbarrack Foxfield community centre, KCCP has developed a wide range of impressive programmes to combat drug use and provide information and recreation for the young people of the Parish.

Under the outstanding leadership of the retired Garda superintendent and chairperson, Mr. Michael Finn, Ms Marian Clarke and Mr. Declan Byrne, KCCP carries out this core work through a community employment programme and is strongly supported by the North-East Drugs Taskforce, the HSE, An Garda Síochána, SIPTU, local youth and sporting bodies and a number of local public representatives including myself.
“Given the tremendous track record of KCCP, I was astonished to learn during the general election that KCCP had been served with papers concerning a court action to evict KCCP from the centre.

A large public meeting of more than 200 people was facilitated on 21 February and voted overwhelmingly in favour of rejecting the eviction and for the retention of KCCP’s services at the community centre. On 23 March a third large public meeting elected a new local residents association, the Kilbarrack-Foxfield Community Residents Association, KFRCA, led by Ms Madeline McNally-Murray.

The members are pledged to operate the community centre fully for community use and have it upgraded to a high standard. However, in spite of this positive development the legal eviction action is reportedly being continued.

“Dublin City Council has a clear duty to review the 99 year lease issued in 1974 and to ensure the retention of the KCCP project and its 41 jobs at the community centre. I have called on local area and city management to urgently investigate and report on this key issue.

It is now time for the Minister for Health and Children, Deputy Reilly, and the Dublin city manager to step in and insist on an immediate resolution. This should recognise the clear wishes of the people of the two Kilbarrack parishes to retain in their community centre, supported by a sublease if necessary, the critically important and hard won services and facilities of Kilbarrack Coast Community Programme.”

Minister Ciarán Cannon replied on behalf of his colleague, the Minister for Health and Children, Deputy James Reilly. Minister Cannon said, ”The Kilbarrack Coast Community Programme, KCCP, is located at Thornville Road in Kilbarrack, at a premises leased by Dublin City Council to Kilbarrack and District Community Association, KADCA. KCCP is funded by the HSE to provide rehabilitative, prevention and education services and a parental support service to the Kilbarrack community.

The Department of Health and Children has also allocated funding for 2011 in respect of KCCP, as a drug-related project in the Dublin north-east local drugs taskforce area. I understand that both the HSE and the local drugs taskforce have engaged with representatives of KCCP and KADCA on several occasions over a number of years in an effort to mediate the various issues that have arisen.

Unfortunately, the matter is now the subject of legal proceedings and as such, it would be inappropriate for me to make any comment.”
Deputy Broughan was disappointed that the Minister did not respond in a more proactive manner to help resolve the present difficulties but he will continue to pursue the Minister on this matter.

The Kilbarrack Coast Community Programme was established in response to the increasing use of drugs in the Kilbarrack area. Our emphasis is on a quality user-led service for drug users in recovery.

Training and development is considered as an essential part of recovery. The Kilbarrack Coast Community Programme (KCCP) was established to cater for those who were attending for treatment but were looking for further supports to help their re-integration into the community.

KCCP has a three pronged strategy-it works with those people who have become involved with drugs and their families, it works with the young people in the area and it strives to be involved in Community Development initiatives.

The core work is conducted through a Community Employment Programme, which caters for 15+ recovering drug misusers. Participants attend the programme during the day and take part in various activities and courses such as computer training, desktop publishing, arts and crafts, healthy cooking, relaxation, yoga and drama.

 KCCP also has a fully equipped gym and trained fitness instructor. The gym and fitness classes are available to both the participants and the local community. Phone KCCP for details of times.


The Kilbarrack Coast Community Programme was established in response to … Kilbarrack and District Community – Cached

Stop The Eviction of Kilbarrack Coast Community Programme …

We, the undersigned, support Kilbarrack Coast Community Programme (KCCP … Dublin City Council and Kilbarrack and District Community Association (KADCA)…kilbarrack-coast-community…kccp – Cached


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