Queensland, Australia: Human Bones Found In Search For Missing Teenage Boy

23 Aug

Bones Found In Search For Missing Oz Boy

Police in Australia have discovered three human bones as they search for a teenage boy who has been missing for eight years.

Daniel Morcombe disappeared in 2003 while waiting for a bus on the Sunshine Coast in the state of Queensland.

The 13-year-old boy was heading to the shops to buy Christmas presents and get a haircut, but was never seen again.

His disappearance sparked one of Australia’s highest-profile missing child cases.

Over recent days, more than 100 emergency service workers as well as volunteers have been scouring an overgrown area of swampy marshland, 25 miles from where Daniel was last seen.

A pair of shoes has also been discovered in the search area although police have not said if they match those worn by Daniel.

The search began shortly after the arrest of Brett Peter Cowan, 41, who has been charged with Daniel’s kidnap and murder.

Daniel Morcombe. (AAP)
Daniel Morcombe. (AAP)

DNA testing will now be carried out on the human remains in an attempt to identify them.

A police statement said: “Police continue to caution that the discovery of these bones and two shoes at the search site may be unrelated to the current investigation.

“However, the Morcombe family has been advised of this update.”

The developments come after years of work by detectives.

Despite 10,000 interviews and the offer of an Aus \$1m (£632,500) reward it is only now there has been a breakthrough in the case.

Reports at the weekend revealed Mr Cowan was monitored for months by undercover police officers living close to him on a caravan park in Perth.

Daniel’s father, Bruce Morcombe, thanked the public for their warm wishes “The Australian community continue to support us and always think of Daniel as a loving, smiling boy”.

Mr Cowan will appear again in court next month. His legal team says he intends to fight the charges and apply for bail.


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