Kashmir, India: Over 2,000 Murdered Remains Found In Many Unmarked Graves

22 Aug

The remains of more than 2,000 people have been found in dozens of unmarked graves in the divided region of Kashmir, according to an Indian government human rights inquiry.

Remains Of 2,000 People Found In Kashmir

They are believed to be the victims of the disputed region’s separatist movement.
Many of the bodies had multiple bullet wounds.

They were found near villages in Indian administered Kashmir.

India and Pakistan have gone to war twice over the territory since both countries gained independence in 1947 and Kashmir continues to be primary a source of tension between the nuclear-armed neighbours.

Separatist rebel groups began an insurgency against India in 1989 – India accuses Pakistan of arming and training militants.

The report was launched following allegations of widespread human rights abuses by the Indian army, paramilitary and police.

Indian officials have always insisted the bodies were militant fighters waging war against Indian rule – but the investigation suggests many civilians were also killed in the conflict.

The inquiry notes “there is every possibility that…. various unmarked graves at 38 places of North Kashmir may contain the dead bodies of locals”.

According to the report 2,156 unidentified bodies were found in graves in three northern mountainous regions.

Some 574 other bodies have already been identified as local people.

The International People’s Tribunal on Human Rights and Justice – which is based in Srinigar – says 8,000 people have gone missing during the 20-year rebellion against Indian rule.

Many of them – the IPT claims – vanished after they were picked up by Indian security forces.

India has always claimed missing locals had crossed over into Pakistani-administered Kashmir to train with terrorist groups.

The 17-page report is calling for DNA profiling to be used to help identify the victims and enable relatives to find out the truth about their loved ones who “disappeared”.



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