Vinton County, Ohio: 17,000 Plants “Eradicated” In Record Marijuana Bust: But ?

12 Aug

Vinton County is barely a speck on an Ohio map, if it is visible at all. But today, news networks are buzzing with the story about a record marijuana bust in southern Ohio.

 A total of 17,000 marijuana plants were “eradicated” in the tiny hamlet of New Plymouth in the Hocking Hills Region. While no arrests have been made in removal of thousands of organic plants, but a possible link to a Mexican drug cartel have been implied by local law enforcement.

 Just like during the prohibition years, when a something is demand is illegal, crime will flourish.

If Ohiobecomes the sixteenth state to permit regulated use of organic cannabis, illegal pot dealers will be put out of business.

All of the press coverage of the rural southern Ohio marijuana eradication has once again brought the issue or decriminalization of the plant to the forefront.

The Ohio Medical Compassion organization is still collecting signatures to get the measure in front of the voters later this fall.

In our modern world press coverage means online articles and video posts, and scores of reader comments beneath each one.

The vast majority of the comments lambast the waste of taxpayer funds for helicopters and law enforcement hours being spent on ripping potentially pain relieving organic cannabis from the ground.

Shouldn’t cancer patients be able to legally choose to put a natural substance instead of a lab generated synthetic pill into their bodies to fight pain?

Somewhat surprisingly many readers bashed the law enforcement officers smiling with pride after their efforts were successful in the accompanying photos.

Maybe it is because I know many of the dedicated deputies and Sheriff Dave Hickey personally, but those types of comments are juvenile at the very least.

They are good guys (and two ladies) who put their lives on the line everyday to protect our community who are following current laws to the best of their abilities.

Yes, taxpayer money and law enforcement time can be much better spent elsewhere, and hopefully will be after the fall 2011 election.

I don’t smoke pot, but as a libertarian, I feel it should be legal for use by consenting adults.

The “addiction” and future treatment cost arguments are as pointless as they are unrealistic.

Drinking large quantities of alcohol often leads to expensive medical bills and addiction, yet it is legal.

No law can successfully regulate personal responsibility and protect consenting adults from making poor decisions about their health.

Two pack a day smokers or the 300 chocolate addict also cause high medical costs, yet both substances were legal the last time I checked.

There were no arrests made in the organic cannabis eradication mission yet, but what if there were?

The cost to local taxpayers would be crippling if public defenders had to be provided for multiple defendants.

If the deputies performed their investigation as well as they typically do and convictions were secured, the high cost of incarceration would also come into play.

Stop the expensive madness, vote for regulated use of prescription cannabis and allow patients to soothe aches and pains naturally while freeing law enforcement hours for real important criminal acts.

Members of a drug cartel would soon be looking for work is organically grown cannabis was available from a state approved store.

Vinton County is one of the most economically deprived regions of Ohio, the jobs and tax revenue which could be created by state monitored cannabis farms.

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