Copley Township, Ohio: 11-year-old & Gunman Among 8 Dead After Shooting Spree

8 Aug


A Fairlawn, Ohio, policeman maintains traffic around a police barrier near a multiple death shooting in Copley, Ohio, Sunday, Aug. 7. 2011. A family argument in the Akron suburb ended in the shooting deaths of eight people in two places, including an 11-year-old, and two more people were wounded, authorities said Sunday (AP Photo/Phil Long)

A Fairlawn, Ohio, policeman maintains traffic around a police barrier near a multiple …

COPLEY, Ohio (AP) — A northeast Ohio man ran through his small town neighborhood Sunday shooting eight people, including his girlfriend and her brother, before he was shot and killed in an exchange of gunfire with police, authorities said.

Eight people, including the gunman, were killed. Witnesses told reporters at least one of the victims was a child.

Police did not have a motive and did not release the names or ages of the gunman or the victims but provided a chronology of the shootings that began around 11 a.m. in a middle-class neighborhood of Copley, a town of about 14,000 west of Akron.

“A person running through the neighborhood and firing a gun” prompted calls to police, Copley Police Department said in a news release late Sunday. At a home, the gunman shot his girlfriend, ran to a home next door and shot her brother and four others, then chased two people through some yards and shot one of them, police said.

He went into a third home and shot another person before leaving and exchanging gunfire with a police officer and a former police officer.

One of the man’s victims was taken to a hospital. The person’s condition was not known Sunday evening.

The names and ages of the victims and the gunman weren’t being released until police could tell family members, some of whom are out of state, Copley police Sgt. Eric Goodwin said.

The Akron Beacon Journal reported that Copley School Superintendent Brian Poe said a township trustee told him two Copley High School students were killed during the shootings and a third youth, an 11-year-old, was also killed. Poe said the trustee told him the 11-year-old was not a Copley student.

A neighbor, Gilbert Elie, said he was getting ready for church when he heard gunshots and cries for help in the wooded neighborhood. He went to a house across the street and said he found a shocking scene: the woman who lived there lying in the driveway, her husband shot near the garage, and their young granddaughter and another woman shot in the front seat of a vehicle, the windows apparently blown out by gunfire.

Elie said his neighbors Russ and Gerdie Johnson live at the home.

A third woman came out of the house next door and tried to talk to Elie, he said, but their brief exchange ended abruptly when a man followed her out of the house and shot her, sending the 75-year-old Elie running for safety behind a truck.

“She was talking to me, and he come up behind her and shot her, so I figured, maybe I’m next,” he told The Associated Press.

He hid until he could see the gunman was gone, then returned home. Police arrived, and Elie said he heard a second round of shots coming from behind the houses and assumed officers had killed the gunman.

Elie described the gunman as unfriendly, a rarity on a street where most neighbors offer a wave in passing. He often worked on his car outside his house but never waved at anyone, Elie said.

Police said they had received several reports of a person running through a neighborhood firing a gun and moving quickly throughout the neighborhood.

Brian and Diane Cross said they were riding on a motorcycle Sunday morning when they heard gunfire.

They said they heard a loud bang and saw a man with a gun chasing another man. Brian Cross, 53, said they drove a half mile to a service station to call 911, but “Copley police was already on it, and they were flying by us.”

Jeff Kirby of nearby Norton said he was visiting his mother’s home a block from the shootings around 10:30 a.m. when he heard gunfire — about 15 shots with several pauses between them.

Kirby, 53, said the last gunfire he heard occurred about the same time he heard sirens in the neighborhood.

The neighborhood remained blocked off by police late Sunday. About 200 people assembled at a park around sunset for an impromptu candlelight vigil for the shooting victims in their town and crime victims elsewhere.

The Rev. Jeff Bogue of the Grace Church of Greater Akron prayed with them, saying it’s troubling that “such evil would come to our little township.” Some residents said they set up a memorial fund.

Copley Township is about 40 miles south of Cleveland.


Franko reported from Columbus. Associated Press writer JoAnne Viviano in Columbus contributed to this report.


A gunman shot and killed seven people, including an 11 year-old child, before police shot him dead in a small town in Ohio, police and local media report.

The rampage — which was apparently rooted in a domestic dispute — left bodies strewn across an otherwise quiet neighborhood in Copley Township beginning at about 11 am (1500 GMT) Sunday morning.

Gilbert Elie came outside at the sound of the shots and moaning to discover the bloodied bodies of two of his neighbors — a woman and her husband — lying in their driveway.

He went to check on them and saw a woman lying over a teenaged girl — as if to protect her — inside a black minivan. They both looked dead and Elie called to his wife to call the police.

Then another neighbor came outside and asked him what was going on.

“I was talking to her when her boyfriend came out of the house behind her and shot her three or four times,” he told the Akron Beacon Herald.

Elie jumped behind a car and when he peeked out from behind it, he saw the woman “fall off the porch and down the steps.”

He then heard the welcome sound of police sirens, along with more shots and the sound of people running behind the houses through the nearby woods.

Police arriving at the scene spotted the gunman fleeing and took chase.

The suspect then “engaged the officers in gunfire and the suspect has been killed as well,” Copley Police Chief Michael Mier told the paper.

“Our job is extremely complicated right now because we have four scenes that we’re processing,” he later told reporters.

“We understand that at some point in time the shooter was chasing somebody.”

Mier said the toll could rise as high as nine because another badly wounded victim was taken to hospital.

Friends and neighbors held a solemn candlelight vigil for the victims Sunday evening in a local park. The streets leading to the shooting scenes remained barricaded by police.

“These were great people. They would give you anything,” said Trisha Tipple, who knew the family because their children raced bikes together.

“It’s just surreal. We’re so numb, we don’t know what to say anymore.”

Stephanie Luecke helped organize the vigil even though she did not know any of the victims.

“Copley is tightly woven. If you live here all your life, you know someone who knows someone,” she told AFP, adding that she was deeply saddened and overwhelmed by the news.

Police have not yet released the identities of the victims. However, mourners at the vigil identified them as members of the Johnson family.

Several teenagers, who were too distraught to comment further, said they were there to remember their friend Autumn Johnson who attended the local high school.

The school’s superintendant was also at the vigil and said grief counselors would be available at the school Monday even though classes won’t resume until later this month.

Five of the victims — whom neighbors said were all part of one family — were found at one home on Schocalog Road, WEWS news reported. A sixth was found in a different home on the same street.

The seventh victim was found in a home on Goodenough Avenue and an eighth victim was found somewhere between those locations.

Copley Township, located some 50 miles (80 kilometers) south of Cleveland, has a population of some 14,000, according to the Township’s website.

Several hundred people attend a prayer vigil, following a  multiple death shooting in Copley Twp. a suburb of Akron, Ohio, Sunday, Aug. 7. 2011. A man apparently angry with his girlfriend gunned down two people outside an Ohio home in Copley Twp., Sunday, and two more in a car, then shot his girlfriend in a rampage that left eight dead including the gunman.  (AP Photo/Phil Long)

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