London: Teenagers Depressed Over Poor Job Prospects

5 Aug

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Video: Survey: One In Four Teenagers ‘Depressed’ 

One in four teenagers are “depressed” about their job prospects, researchers have claimed.

Almost half of the 1,500 young people questioned in an O2 Youth Matters survey said they were not confident of finding a secure job in the next five years.

Among them is Daniel Anynwu, 17, from Pimlico in central London. He has lost count of the number of jobs he has applied for since leaving school.

He told Sky News: “Basically I have tried and tried over the past few years and it has all come to nothing.

“I have to stay motivated, sometime I won’t get rejected, but right now I am getting rejected – we are getting rejected, I should say.”

The research also found that 82% of young people believe that celebrity culture creates unachievable role models, a concept that can add to low self-esteem.

Sociologist Tony Chapman is alarmed by the research and told Sky: “It is a warning shot to society, showing that steps must be taken to build the resilience of our young people.”

But employers insist young people need to toughen up if they are to find the right job in what has become a highly competitive marketplace.

Tesco now has on average 20 applicants for every job they advertise.

The retailer’s director of personnel Judith Nelson believes they can afford to be very selective.

She said: “People can stand out who have got a can-do attitude, people who have got great inter-personal skills, people who like working with customers and who like working as part of a team.”


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