Tegucigalpa, Honduras: 2.5 Tons Of Cocaine Recovered From Sunken Submarine: UPDATED

29 Jul


TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras (AP)Honduras authorities say they have recovered 7.3 tons (6.6 metric tons) of cocaine from a semi-submersible craft seized off the country’s Caribbean coast.

Presidential guard chief Col. Rene Osorio says officials had earlier recovered 2.7 tons (2.5 metric tons). They have been unloading the drugs since Wednesday.

The submarine-like fiberglass craft is floating about 15 meters (50 feet) under the surface because the crew tried to sink it.

A U.S. Coast Guard patrol detected the vessel Wednesday off the coast of the sparsely populated province of Gracias a Dios, near the Nicaraguan border. Five crew members were detained.

So far authorities in Honduras have seized 13.8 tons (12.6 metric tons) of cocaine totaling some $500 million.


TEGUCIGALPA (Reuters) – Combined Honduran and U.S. naval forces recovered 2.5 metric tons of cocaine from a submarine intercepted on its way from Colombia to the United States, authorities said Thursday.

The drugs were on the vessel sunk off the Caribbean coast of Honduras around two weeks ago by its four-man crew after the coast guard caught up with the suspected traffickers.

General Rene Osorio of Honduras said the semi-submersible sub had been carrying around 5 tons of cocaine and that half of the narcotics shipment was still on board.

Honduras is used by Mexican and Colombian cartels to traffic drugs to the United States. Mexican drug gangs have been moving into Central America since Mexico’s government launched an army-led drive to crush them 4-1/2 years ago.

(Reporting by Gustavo Palencia; Editing by Eric Walsh)


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