Castleford, West Yorkshire: Fireservice “Silent Witness” Records Big House Explosion After Call To Small House Fire

16 Jul

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Video: Firefighters’ Lucky Escape As House Explodes

Firefighters' Lucky Escape As House Explodes

Firefighters’ Lucky Escape As House Explodes.

A video showing the dramatic moment a house exploded has been released by West Yorkshire‘s fire service.

Officers were called to reports of a small kitchen fire in Castleford but when they arrived they found a series of fires in six terraced houses.

Firefighters had only just evacuated the 30 residents from their properties when the huge blast happened and one of the houses was engulfed in flames.

The footage has been released as a warning about the dangers of stealing copper wire and tampering with electricity and gas supplies.

A spokesman said a piece of cable had been cut from an overhead line which affected the earthing of the electrical network in the area and resulted in unusual electrical activity which, in turn, affected some of the gas pipes within the properties.

He said this resulted in the fires and explosion which left two firefighters with minor injuries.

Two homes were partly demolished and the four other houses suffered extensive fire and blast damage.

The video was captured by one of West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service ‘s “silent witness” cameras which are attached to appliances.

A 27-year-old man from the Castleford area arrested on suspicion of the theft of cable has been released on bail pending further inquiries.


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