Sao Paulo, Brazil: Children Build The World’s Tallest Lego Tower

11 Apr

With a little help from adults and a large crane, children in Brazil have built the world’s tallest tower made up of stacked Lego bricks.

Brazilians build world’s tallest lego tower Enlarge photo

Organisers said it reached 102 feet and 3 inches, breaking the previous record set in Chile last year of a little over 101 feet.

The tower composed of 500,000 Lego pieces was set up in the parking lot of a mall in Sao Paulo.

Nearly 6,000 Lego lovers, mostly children, helped put together the independent blocks which were later stacked up with the help of a crane.

Roberio Esteves, Lego’s director in Brazil, said building the largest tower involved a great deal of teamwork.

“This is a very interactive event where families take part, schools take part. We promote teamwork in order to reach our main objective, which is to establish Brazil as the country that holds the record of the Lego tower,” he said.

The tower is held in place by several wire supports to prevent it from tipping over with the wind.

Competition between Lego tower builders is fierce. Previous record holders include Toronto , Hong Kong, Moscow, Sydney, Seoul, South Korea, London, Tokyo, Munich and Chile.


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