Dublin: City Council Paying Scant Regard For The Safety & Wellbeing Of It’s Elderly Tenants

4 Apr


I was contacted again last night by this much distressed lady and have sent another Email to Mr O’Neill and also to Cllr Maria Parodi who is supporting us.

The names of the tenants and apartment numbers has been deleted from this article for security reasons.

For the attention of Mr Micheal O’Neill. AREA MANAGER Dublin City Council.

Dear Mr M. J.O’Neill,

I would like to draw your attention to the plight of 80 year-old Ms XX. The new tenant of number XX Power’s Court. Dublin 2.


Ms XXX moved from a single bedsit apartment at number XX Power’s Court Dublin 2 – into number XX Power’s Court (which has a separate bedroom) less than one month ago.

The previous tenant of number XX Power’s Court, was the late Ms XXX who died in that apartment in August of 2010.

Dublin Fire Brigade were called to the apartment when no reply was forthcoming from Ms XXX – the brigade broke in the door of the apartment and found Ms XXX dead on the floor of the kitchen/living area.

The Brigade having broken in the door – left the door seriously damaged and beyond simple repair and so insecure in its structure that a new door would need to be fitted in order to have a sound fitting door that would, with new & proper locks and chains fitted, have a reasonable chance of withstanding attack from any intending intruder.

During her tenancy of number XX Power’s Court, Ms XXX repeatedly called the city council plumber because she had no hot water supply.

She also repeatedly called for gas maintaince men to fix the gas boiler.

Ms XXX (86) continued to complain of feeling unwell – without any apparent cause and without any doctor making a determination as to her state of health other than depression.

Callers to the apartment, including employees of Dublin City Council – noted an extremely high /unhealthy temperature within an airless environment.


When Ms XXX, the present tenant moved into the apartment, she called in the city council workmen to repair/replace the front door which had been broken in by the fire brigade.

The locks and fitting of the badly damaged door was defective and insecure.

The latch lock on the door was replaced and – moved up on the frame of the door, out

Of the comfortable reach of the tenant, a small woman of short stature.

The mortise lock, damaged and defective since the door had been broken-in by the fire brigade, was moved down on the door frame instead of being replaced.

That lock is difficult to either lock or open, becoming stuck – because of a distortion (bent) since forced open by the brigade.

Both the latch and mortise locks, (having been moved) left holes on the door frame which was filled by putty by the city council workman.

The glass in the door was replaced and held in place by UNPAINTED PUTTY an invitation (if ever there was one) to any possible intruder.

The splintered door frame was tapped back into a rough fit and filled with putty and held in place by one inch tacks, the door was left unpainted.

Part of the lower door panel was left distorted and cracked since it was forced by the fire brigade.

What the tenant Ms XXX wants is a NEW DOOR and she would prefer one without glass, which she feels would offer better security offering less (vision) to any possible intruder.



Ms XXX discovered that the radiator in her hallway went from cold to un-bearably hot at the slightest movement on the thermostat control, therefore that radiator could not be used in heating her hallway.

The gas boiler is located in her bedroom, and if turned on keeps her awake during the night as it switches on and off and burns to heat the apartment.

The boiler in the bedroom is located inside the built-in wardrobe, which restricts the amount of air that can circulate around the boiler.

Upon inspecting the gas boiler and its surrounds, I discovered what I believed to be soot, caused by carbon monoxide burn-off on the top doors of the bedroom wardrobe just above the place within the confined area (of the wardrobe) where the gas boiler is located.

Having made this discovery, I contacted the complex warden Mr Paddy Morton, who with great haste arranged for the gas emergency crews and service engineer to inspect and service the gas boiler on that day.

While the gas boiler service man carried out tests for the presence of carbon monoxide gas in the bedroom, room-surrounds and boiler – those tests were carried out some three hours after the gas supply had been switched off and the bedroom and apartment ventilated by open doors and windows.

Ms XXX has complained of “having no hot water” on at least five occasions within the past four weeks (since she moved into the apartment) to fix the hot water problem.

There appears to be an air-lock in the (hot water) system.

I inspected the hot water system and there was NO HOT WATER in the kitchen, bathrooms sink or shower unit and the (bathroom hot tap) on the sink was loose and needed replacing

Also in the bathroom when the cold water supply is switched on a loud knocking sound emerges from the pipe ducting in the bathroom, in addition to the water supply to the toilet cistern being poor and indifferent at the best of times.

This shocking situation obliges the tenant Ms XXX to boil a kettle of water in order to wash-up, wash herself, and wash her clothing and so on.

On his last visit the plumber told her that the problems that she was complaining about, was all too common to (corner flats) and he had been calling to her flat for years, during the previous tenancy and before, adding that this was going to be an on-going problem and he would have to be called back every week or so.

He attributed the air-locking in the hot water system to the many twist and turns in the piping system.

Asked about the situation of the gas boilers location in the bedroom wardrobe, the gas repair man commented to the tenant “you’re just going to have to live with it”.

What do we want?


A new (SECURE) front door with proper locks, located for ease of use by the tenant and properly painted.


The gas boiler removed from out of the bedroom and places in the cubbard in the hallway behind the front door.


The entire hot water system to be removed/repaired and restored until it functions properly


The heating system repaired/ replaced and restored to normal good working order.


The cold water system checked, repaired, replaced and restored to good working order.





When the plumber from Dublin City Council Calls To Ms XXX, he simply uses a hose pipe at the kitchen sink to REVERSE the flow of water from the mains tap into the hot water tank – which fills the tank and provides a supply of hot water for a short while, until the water runs out and process has to be repeated, again and again and again, and so on.


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