BREAKING NEWS: Stockwell, S. London: Woman And Five-Year-Old Girl Shot: UPDATED

30 Mar

A five-year-old girl has been shot and injured in south London.

 Five-Year-Old Girl Shot In South London Enlarge photo
Police were called to a shop on Stockwell Road, Lambeth, on Tuesday evening.

They found the girl and a 35-year-old man, who was also wounded.

Both were in a critical but stable condition in hospital, police said.

No arrests have been made and the investigation is continuing.

Witnesses or anyone with any information are asked to call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


Detectives investigating the shooting of a five-year-old girl and a shopkeeper believe they were caught in the crossfire of a gang blasting two youths who sheltered in their shop.

Shot girl ‘was caught in crossfire’ Enlarge photo

Girl, five, critical after shooting

The little girl and 35-year-old man are in a critical condition after being hit inside the Stockwell Food & Wine shop, on Stockwell Road, south London at 9.15pm on Tuesday.

The Metropolitan Police have issued a statement saying: “It is believed two black youths ran into the shop shortly before the shots were fired.

“The youths had been chased from Broomgrove Road, across Stockwell Road, and into the shop by three other black youths on bicycles.

“Once the youths on bikes were outside the shop, one of them fired shots into the shop front.”

The little girl was hit in chest, police confirmed, and the man was shot in the face.

Detective Chief Inspector Tony Boughton said: “This is a terrible incident where an innocent child has been seriously injured.

“We want to hear from the local community, who might have seen these youths cycling around the estate between 2100 hours and 2200 hours. I appeal to those who have information or were involved in this shooting to come forward and assist us with this investigation.

“These criminals have seriously injured two innocent bystanders and must face the consequences of their actions.”

Detectives confirmed the victims were not related.


Detectives have urged two youths targeted by gang members to come forward to explain who shot a five-year-old girl in the chest and blasted a shopkeeper in the face.

Young girl shot in London Play video

Trio hunted over shooting of girl

Gang targets sought after shooting

The pair were left in a critical condition after the botched shooting in south London when they were hit in the crossfire of the attack.

Two black youths ran into the Stockwell Food and Wine shop on Tuesday night at 9.15pm on Stockwell Road to hide from three other black youths chasing them.

As they sheltered inside, one of the attackers, who were on bicycles, opened fire indiscriminately.

The trio fled and were chased on foot by their intended targets along Broomgrove Road and into the Stockwell Park Estate.

The innocent victims of the crossfire, who are yet to be identified, were taken to hospital in south London.

A spokesman from Met Police said: “They were both taken to a south London hospital. Their conditions are described as critical but stable.”


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