LONDON: Police In New Hunt For Torso Boy’s Killer In Nigeria

28 Mar

Detectives investigating the killing of a boy whose headless body was found in the River Thames nearly 10 years ago are chasing a new lead in Nigeria.

Cops In Fresh Hunt For Torso Boy’s Killer Enlarge photo

The case of the limbless five or six-year-old youngster has mystified police ever since he was discovered near Tower Bridge on September 21, 2001.

Tests revealed the unidentified boy – named Adam by officers – had been poisoned 48 hours before he died and was paralysed, but conscious, when he was killed.

Police consulted African religious experts and concluded that he had been butchered in a ritualistic killing.

At one stage they were working on the theory that he was brought to the UK as a child slave specifically to be “sacrificed”.

Forensic checks involving bone samples later linked him to Nigeria.

It is understood new evidence has come to light that those responsible for his death may have close links to the country.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said: “We can confirm that the investigation team have been preparing to visit Lagos, Nigeria, in connection with the Adam inquiry.

“They will be travelling in the near future.”


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