London: Operation Captura 6 Launched In Spain By SOCA & Crimestoppers

22 Feb

SOCA and the UK crime-fighting charity Crimestoppers are once again targeting Britain’s Most Wanted who may be on the run in Spain, with the launch of Operation Captura VI.

The ten new appeals, which include some of the UK’s most dangerous individuals, were revealed in Alicante, an area with a large British expat community. SOCA and Crimestoppers are asking all British residents and visitors in Spain to be aware of these fugitives, and to contact Crimestoppers anonymously if they have any information that may help identify their locations.

Since Operation Captura was launched in October 2006 there have been 50 appeals; 38 of which have resulted in arrests. Many of these are now serving lengthy prison sentences for their crimes which include drug trafficking, sex crimes and murder.

Ken Gallagher, Head of European Operations for SOCA, said: “Operation Captura is helping make the ex-pat community in Spain an uncomfortable place for fugitives. Having the public’s attention focussed on these individuals goes a long way to making it harder for them to hide and should act as a warning that Spain is no safe haven for British criminals.”

Dave Cording, Director of Operations at Crimestoppers, said: “The public is one of the greatest weapons in the fight against crime, and once again we are asking the public to help track down most wanted individuals who are sought in connection with some violent, sexual and highly organised crimes. We’ve continually had an overwhelming response to this campaign, resulting in over 500 pieces of useful information on the fugitives sought. You can view all the appeals on the most wanted section of Crimestoppers’ website and if you know anything about the individuals please contact Crimestoppers. No one will ever know you who you are and you will not go to court. Contact us on 0800 555 111 or through our website

Calls to the Spanish 900 555 111 telephone number are answered in the UK by Crimestoppers’ call agents. Those in the UK should call 0800 555 111. You can also pass on information via the online Giving Information form on Crimestoppers’ website

Subjects details:

Derek Ferguson1. Derek McGraw FERGUSON b10/01/1964
Wanted for Murder by Strathclyde Police.

William Patterson2. William Thomas Robert PATERSON b10/09/1979
Wanted for Murder by Lothian and Borders Police.

Tony Fraser3. Antony FRASER b24/12/1971
Wanted for Drugs supply offences (2 tonnes of cannabis) by the Metropolitan Police. (MMDP – with SOCA)

Patrick Hancox4. Patrick Pious HANCOX b29/05/1941
Wanted for Child Sex Offences by Lancashire Constabulary.

Everadus WIJTVLIET5. Everadus WIJTVLIET b25/04/1971
Wanted by HMRC for Drugs supply. (100kg Heroin & 6kg Cocaine) – Subject previously thought to be in Netherlands

Jonathon Patrick LEJMAN6. Jonathon Patrick LEJMAN b15/05/1981
Wanted by Staffordshire Police for Aggravated Burglary.

Andrew Mark SPOONER7. Andrew Mark SPOONER b16/12/1969
Wanted for Drugs supply (10,000-12,000 MDMA tablets) by Lothian and Borders Police. *

Darren O'Flaherty8. Darren Kevin O’FLAHERTY b06/08/1974
Wanted for Robbery and Kidnap by West Yorkshire Police.

Jamie DEMPSEY9. Jamie DEMPSEY b13/05/1978
Wanted for Drugs supply by SOCA. (299 Kilos of Cocaine)

Eriberto JIMENEZ MELO10.Eriberto JIMENEZ MELO b16/01/1978
Wanted by SOCA to serve 25 years for Drugs supply. (Cocaine)


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