Corsica: Mother Of Missing Twin Girls Joins Mediterranean Island Search

16 Feb

The mother of missing Swiss six-year-old twins has joined a police hunt in Corsica after their father confessed to killing them before committing suicide.

Mum Of Missing Twins Joins Search In Corsica Enlarge photo

Officials on the French Mediterranean island said Irina Lucidi and her brother arrived on a private jet and immediately boarded a police helicopter to fly over areas mentioned by the girls’ father in his letters.

In one of the letters sent before he died, Matthias Schepp confessed to killing Alessia and Livia Schepp.

He later threw himself under a train in southern Italy, without revealing their whereabouts.

Despite the confession, the twins’ mother said she had “not lost hope” of finding her children.

Police in Switzerland, France and Italy have been searching for signs of the blonde youngsters after Schepp failed to return them to his estranged wife on January 30.

He was found dead four days later.

French police say Schepp had returned alone from Corsica after travelling there with the twins.

Police have been scouring the island between Propriano in the southwest, where Schepp arrived with the twins, and Bastia in the northeast, from where he left, apparently alone.

Meanwhile, Italian police were concentrating their hunt on a canal not far from the station at the southern town of Cerignola, where Schepp committed suicide.

Italy’s ANSA news agency said they were acting on the assumption that Schepp threw away the satellite navigator from his car before he killed himself.

If found, it could enable them to retrace his route since he left the Swiss village of St-Sulpice on January 28.

:: Anyone with information on the twins has been asked to contact the investigating authorities on +41 21 644 82 31.

Mum Of Missing Twins Joins Search In Corsica ...

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