Dublin: Older & Bolder Election Campaign Launched For A Better Future Now

11 Feb


You have played an important part in previous campaigns run by Older & Bolder. Today, I’m inviting you to take action once again at this critical moment for older people and Ireland.

We know that people of all ages are struggling to cope with cuts to income and services and with fear for Ireland’s future.

That’s why this General Election is an important opportunity to ask the candidates and canvassers who come to your doorstep where they stand on the issues that concern you.

With this in mind Older & Bolder have identified policy choices that could shape a better Ireland for people of all ages – we’re calling these our HIGH FIVE:

Take action by reading more about our HIGH FIVE and finding out how you can ACT NOW to make this election count.

You can also download and print our ELECTION TOOLKIT and CANVASS CARD which contains a checklist of 5 key questions to ask canvassers. You might print out a copy of these leaflets for friends and family who do not have internet access.

I’m also hoping you will give us feedback on the responses you receive from candidates. Remember you can contact us on 01-8783623 or by email info@olderandbolder.ie.

So please, get active in the election. Make your voice heard with tens of thousands of older people across the country. By acting together we can bring real change, protect older people’s benefits and rights and build a better future.

A fair, properly planned and funded system of health and social care for older people
2. SECURE PENSION: A firm commitment to a fair and secure pension for all
3. LOCAL TRANSPORT: Improved local transport systems are essential for older people’s independence and participation
4. MY INVOLVEMENT: Promotion of older people’s contribution and participation in all aspects of life
5. NATIONAL PLAN ON AGEING: Delivery of the long overdue National Positive Ageing Strategy.


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