Dublin: Shell To Sea ‘Spy Scandal’ Was Exposed By J. P. In February 2007

10 Feb

THE 25th  FEBRUARY 2007 article that EXPOSED the SHELL TO SEA Spying Story: 

Shell To Sea Protesters ‘Targeted’ 

By Secret Special Branch Unit
By J. P. Anderson


Top level Garda sources, believe that a ‘special and secret unit has been established within the Garda Special Branch with ’top level directions’ to especially target members of the Shell to Sea protest group. This fact has been borne out by the Garda tactics employed against the peaceful protesters, including the filming of individual protesters, supporters and even elected representatives by Gardai, dressed in regular uniform but actually attached to the special ‘Shell Unit’. The filming is done by a Garda with a ‘small hand held digital camera held only a matter of a couple of feet away from the face of protesters and supporters present at ‘Shell to Sea’ rallies and meetings.

Many of the regular protesters and supporters involved in the ‘Shell to Sea’ protest, including members of the ‘Rossport Five’ who have led the protest from the start and were imprisoned for their opposition to Shell and the rest of the consortium, involving three multinational companies, Statoil and Marathon, formed to exploit the ’Corrib natural gas field off the County Mayo coast in the west of Ireland, have noted the presence of the same ‘Garda faces’ at different protest meetings in widely different parts of the country.

The Irish State are spending millions of euro each week of ’taxpayers money’ on keeping the local County Mayo community at Bellinaboy under siege. Members of the Bellinaboy, community alleged that “the Gardai have continued to lay siege to the area and carry out serious violent acts on local people, yet no protester has been arrested or charged”, ( such charges might result in the exposure of the alleged ’Special Garda Unit’).

The Bellinaboy community ask why this situation is allowed to continue?, and they demanded that, ”the heavy Garda presence should be immediately removed from the community at Bellinaboy and a public inquiry held into the conduct of the Gardai within that community since October 2006“.

Could the same Garda resources and man-power not be better employed in the Allenwood North area of North Kildare in order to challenge in a similar way the ‘drug lords’ which have been allowed over the past 20 years to establish themselves, within a similar rular community as Bellinaboy in County Mayo and have and are currently importing and exporting at least €1bn of drugs per year into this State, through seaports where no Garda or Customs cover is afforded to prevent such import/export of drugs/guns and other contraband which is costing the lives of young people including innocent boys like Anthony Campbell executed because he witnessed a hit on drugs baron, Martin ’Marlo’ Hyland in Finglas just before Christmas 2006.

Then of course ’money talks’ and the local communities in Mayo and Kildare are not really ‘viable propositions’ like oil and drugs are they?

A prolonged under-cover journalistic investigation into possible past connections between members of the Gardai and serious and dangerous criminal elements were uncovered, when a former Garda (J.C.). Who during the 1980’s was based in Dublin’s Ballymun Garda Station and because of the underhanded, unscrupulous and unlawful actions of high-ranking members of the Gardai, in that Garda Division and their resulting close connections with the serious ‘criminal elements’ then involved in the drugs trade at a local, national, and international level, led the then Garda (J. C.) to literally ‘sleep with the enemy’. The former Garda (J. C.) was according to now senior Garda sources “a man with very serious alcohol problems” which gave his wife and family a “very bad time” and is currently in receipt of a Garda Pension and who intelligence reports in recent years ’reaching Garda Intelligence has been acting as an advisor to serious criminal elements involved in the international drugs trade and also involved in the ‘large scale smuggling of drugs into and out of Ireland’ who are now based in Spain and other overseas locations.

Questioned as to (J. Cs.) entitlement to receive a Garda pension, the high ranking Garda source said, “well yes, he would be entitled to receive a Garda pension, because he was not entirely to blame for the carry on that occurred in that division at that time, there was a lot of ’skulduggery’ there at the time”. …

“We raided a flat in Ballymun where he was “kipping-up” with Bo, Bo, Ward and others, in order to get his ’warrant card’ back off him and we found him and the other people in the flat ’men and women’ naked in bed with each other”.

Informed, and asked about the possible reason why the former Garda was attending courts around the country where various ‘drug dealers’ were due to make an appearance on drug-related charges, the senior Garda source said “we could not get him to attend court when he was involved in cases and was supposed to attend court”.

Former Garda (J. C.) told this journalist, who acting on confidential information, had traced him, during the course of a prolonged under-cover investigation into drugs and the root causes of drug and alcohol addiction.

“ Christy Moro ( C. R. was a well known and big time Ballymun Drug dealer who in co-operation with – F** and O‘ *** destroyed the lives of hundreds of young people in the Finglas/Ballymun area and their families lives also), was a very good friend of mine”.

He also named other major drug dealers of being of his close acquaintance and he boasted of his pals in Spain who telephoned on ’his mobile’ him for advise, in addition he used several different (mobile phone – Sim Cards) to contact and to be contacted by his criminal ‘drug dealing’ friends in Spain and in other overseas locations, calls were frequently made and received in the presence of this journalist.

Over past years, sources have repeatedly told this journalist that drugs seized in Garda raids were put back onto the streets by ‘bent cops’ .

In the Robertstown/Allenwood area of north Kildare little or no effort was put into Garda manpower and resources to tackle the ‘serious criminals’ involved in the ongoing shipment of deadly drugs into and out-of the State, which is netting the drug lords a cool €1bn per year, yet so much ‘precious’ Garda manpower and resources is being devoted to harass and intimidate a small rular community in a remote rular part of County Mayo by a ’Secret Special Branch Garda Unit’ deployed in an attempt to break the will and the spirit of a small rular community, who are only seeking safety in the peaceful enjoyment of their own homes and communities as they have done for centuries, before the arrival of Shell and today’s equivalent of the Black and Tans in the form of a ’special and secret Garda unit who have received top level instructions from the Government to break the Shell To Sea Protest.


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