Coolock, Dublin: International Surveillance Operation Resulted In The Seizure Of Six Million Conterband Cigarettes

9 Feb

Six million contraband cigarettes have been seized after an international surveillance operation.

Six million cigarette stash found Enlarge photo

The haul was discovered by Customs officers in two commercial vehicles in Coolock, in north Dublin.

Six suspects were interviewed by officials, but no arrests have been made.

It is estimated the cigarettes had a retail value of 2.5 million euro and a potential loss to the exchequer of 2.1 million euro.

The Revenue Commissioners said the consignment arrived into Dublin Port from China and was concealed in a shipment listed as glasswool insulation rolls.

The brands of cigarettes seized were Palace, Lambert & Butler and Marlboro.

A spokeswoman revealed the European Anti Fraud Office (Olaf) played a pivotal role in assisting the Revenue Commissioners in the operation.

“Investigations are ongoing, both nationally and internationally,” she said.

Retailers Against Smuggling commended Revenue for the sting. Shopkeeper and spokesman William Hanley,said for too long the retail sector has been targeted by national and international criminals.

“These people are flooding the Irish market with cheap, unregulated cigarettes that are depriving both the retail sector and the Irish State of hundreds of millions of euro annually,” he said.


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