Bournemouth: Woman Gets Three Years Jail For Laundering Criminal Profits: SOCA

8 Feb

The wife of a convicted drug trafficker was last week handed a three-year sentence for laundering proceeds of his multi-million-pound criminal enterprise.

Fiona Blake put drug trade revenue through her personal bank account, which helped her husband Craig conceal his leading role in a criminal network that stretched across southern England to South Wales, and as far afield as Australia.

She joins Friday Quick, another gang member’s wife, behind bars after the latter was sentenced to 18 months for similar offences in 2010.

SOCA’s Matt Horne said:

“This is not simply a case of enjoying a lifestyle funded by serious criminality. Fiona Blake took an important role in attempting to conceal the profits of a major drug-dealing organisation. SOCA will continue to work tirelessly to dismantle entire criminal networks, however great their efforts to evade detection and launder the money they make.

“It is a sad fact that the Blakes’ and the Quicks’ young children now have both parents serving prison sentences. Anyone tempted to involve themselves in organised crime should consider just how devastating the consequences can be.”

Fiona Blake, of Bournemouth, takes the number of people convicted in relation to the crime network’s activities to 27. She will now be subject to a confiscation investigation concerning money and assets acquired through criminal activity.

Made up of three regional gangs working together, the drugs network is believed to have trafficked around half-a-tonne of cocaine into the UK. SOCA’s investigation was assisted by police officers from Dorset, Kent and South Wales constabularies.


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