Dublin: Political Reform To Dominate 2011 General Election Campaign

7 Feb

The General Election campaign is set to be dominated by political reform today.

 Seanad - Fine Gael to propose referendum
 Seanad – Fine Gael to propose referendum

Fianna Fail’s manifesto is said to contain radical proposals on the issue, which Fine Gael and Labour will address as well.

With the Fianna Fáil platform based on the outgoing Government’s four-year plan there’s limited room for manoeuvre and even less for election promises.

The party says there will be no uncosted proposals but there will be radical plans for political reform.

That will be the theme for Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny too.

Fine Gael plans to abolish the Seanad will require a referendum which reports suggest will be held alongside the poll on constitutional protection for children later in the year.

The Labour Party’s proposals will include the party’s plan for a constitutional convention that would pave the way for the end of the Upper House in its current form, curbs on political donations, and supervision of appointments to state boards.

Yesterday, Green Party leader John Gormley said the number of public representatives should be reduced to 120 in the Dail under his party’s proposals for electoral reform.

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