Winfrith, Dorset: Nursery Worker Arrested Over Child Sexual Abuse Claims

5 Feb

A nursery worker has been arrested following an allegation of sexual assault at a Dorset childcare centre.

Nursery Worker Arrested Over Abuse Claim: Clck On Image To Play Video

The incident is alleged to have occurred at the Starlight Childcare Centre in Winfrith. It has temporarily closed while police investigate.

The suspect has been released on bail pending an investigation. 

Education watchdog Ofsted has suspended the nursery’s licence – it will remain closed until the suspension is lifted.

The nursery looks after children from birth to eight years old and has capacity for 25 children.

A Dorset Police spokesman said: “It should be emphasised that this investigation is in the preliminary stages and, at this time, no person has been convicted of any offence.

“This investigation will be conducted by the child abuse investigation team.

“The primary concern of Dorset Police and its partner agencies – including social services – is the continued safety of all children who attend this nursery.”

An Ofsted spokesman added: “Ofsted is aware of the police investigation and is working closely with the police and the Wareham Childcare team.

“The nursery registration has been temporarily suspended.”

Nursery Worker Arrested Over Abuse Claim Play video


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