Dublin: CityWide Drugs Crisis Campaign Have Launched Their General Election Drugs Awareness Campaign: UPDATED

2 Feb


Citywide Drugs Crisis Campaign has today announced details of the launch of their general election campaign.

The launch took place today at the main entrance to the Dail, Kildare St. It aims to put the drugs crisis back on the political agenda.

CityWide will be joined outside Leinster House by local drug projects, CE Schemes, Community Representatives along with spokespersons from all the political parties in launching their election style poster and their election special newsletter.

CityWide spokesperson Daithi Doolan says, “The drugs crisis in our communities continues. Lives are destroyed, families are torn apart and communities live in fear of intimidation and violence.

But over the past few years we have seen less and less commitment from governments to tackle this crisis.

This election is the time to make the drugs crisis a priority for politicians. Our campaign will be positive, active and community based.

We will be circulating 100’s of election style posters and distributing 1000’s of newsletters through our network of local drug projects, community representatives, CE Schemes & trade unions.

We will be organising meetings to lobby election candidates & information sessions for community groups.

The campaign is demanding that any new government work with the community in tackling the drugs crisis, appoint a full time Minister with responsibility for drugs and fully fund local drugs services.”

Doolan explained, “Front line services alone cannot solve the problems caused by drug use. In addition to these front line services, communities must be given the resources and supports to address the underlying causes of the drugs crisis. The government must work with those most affected by the problem, including communities, drug users and their families.”

In conclusion Doolan urged all parties to commit themselves to work with communities, “to reclaim and rebuild communities devastated by the drugs crisis.”






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