Ringsend: Young Sinn Fein Contender Emerges In Dublin South-East

1 Feb

Young Sinn Fein contender emerges in Dublin South East

Yet another young contender has announced his candidature for the general election. Ruadhán Mac Aodháin, a 27-year-old barrister-at-law and political activist, will be running for Sinn Féin in Dublin South East.  Ruadhán played a central role in Pearse Doherty’s High Court challenge, forcing a foot dragging Government to hold a bye-election in Donegal South West. ‘Ireland is all but broken: we need a country that gives people a life, a job, and the prospect of growing old with dignity’, said Ruadhán.

 ‘Under Fianna Fáil, Ireland has become the sow that eats her farrow.’

Fianna Fáil and Fianna Gael between them have ruled Ireland for almost a century, since the foundation of the State. The tyranny of power and privilege over justice and equality needs to be broken.’

 ‘After over a decade of careering, out of control growth, we now have one of the most unequal societies in Europe. Children are sleeping rough. My generation is emigrating. Houses are being repossessed. People are battling unemployment, low wages and rising bills. The cost of basic foodstuffs, such as meat, is spiraling upwards.  

The new candidate brings integrity, commitment, energy and passion in spades to his campaign. Despite his youth, he has wide-ranging political experience. During his time in University College Cork, he put Irish on the radar. Under his leadership, the Irish language society, an Chuallacht, swept the boards winning a multitude of all-Ireland awards, including best society of the year, with best auditor going to their reachtaire, Ruadhán Mac Aodháin. 

 Politically, he was blooded in Brussels, where he worked as a stagiaire for Sinn Féin at the European Parliament. A stint as an analyst in Leinster House followed, where Mac Aodháin immersed himself in economic, social and health policy-making, co-authoring a major report on inequality for a Joint Oireachtas Committee.

As a grass roots activist, he has actively campaigned for inner city  regeneration and for the preservation of 16 Moore Street, a 1916 heritage site.

If elected, Mac Aodháin has pledged to pay himself only the standard industrial wage,  and reinvest the rest of his salary in Dublin South East. ‘Má tá mé tofa, cosúil le chuile Theachta Dála Shinn Féin, ní thógfaidh mé abhaile ach an meán pá tionsclaíoch.’




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