Ringsend, Dublin: Bright Young Barrister Standing As Sinn Fein Candidate In Dublin-South-East

31 Jan

Sinn Féin fields young barrister as general election candidate in Dublin South East

Sinn Féin has selected Ruadhán Mac Aodháin, a 27-year-old barrister and a legal adviser in the Pearse Doherty by-election case, to contest the general election in the Dublin South East constituency.
Ruadhán is a fluent Irish speaker and has previously worked for the Sinn Féin team in the European Parliament.
He was a legal adviser involved in Pearse Doherty’s succesful High Court challenge which forced the Government to hold the Donegal South-West by-election that Fianna Fáil tried to avoid.
Ruadhán has also worked in the Dáil where he co-authored a major report on inequality for a Joint Oireachtas Commission.
Speaking following the selection convention at the weekend, Ruadhán Mac Aodháin said:
“Between them, Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael have ruled since the foundation of the state. The arrogance of power and privilege over justice and equality needs to be broken.
“After over a decade of uncontrolled growth we now have one of the most unequal societies in Europe. I have watched friends from college emigrate in their droves due to the lack of employment opportunities here.
“We need to rebuild our economy and give people hope of a new start, jobs and a future.
“Sinn Féin has a costed programme, critically evaluated by economists, to stimulate the economy, retain existing jobs and create new ones.
“There is a better way.”



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