Rusheeny Village, Clonsilla: Dublin: Music Promoter Survives Gangland-Style Assassination Bid

29 Jan


 A MUSIC promoter miraculously survived a murder bid after the car he was sitting in was riddled with bullets in a gangland-style attack.

It is not yet known why businessman Sean Enright was targeted.

He was shot outside his girlfriend’s house at Rusheeny, Clonsilla, west Dublin, just after 9pm on Thursday.

There were unconfirmed reports gardaí are examining the possibility he was the victim of an extortion attack by criminal gangs trying to extract money from business people.

Mr Enright, 30, who lives in Clonsilla, was the promoter behind a popular dance music event, Escapefest, in the last couple of years. This event attracted some attention after suspected serious criminals were seen advertising the event. Mr Enright was not involved with these individuals in any way.

But gardaí will examine this line of inquiry in a bid to narrow down possible motives for such a violent gun attack.

Mr Enright also runs the Universal Gym in Ballycoolin, north Dublin, and is a champion amateur body builder.

Gardaí said the gun attack happened at around 9.15pm on Rusheeny Manor, as Mr Enright sat in his VW Golf GTI outside his girlfriend’s house. The dad-of-two, originally from Cabra, was hit five times by a gunman wielding a handgun, who fired nine shots in all.

It is understood Mr Enright received injuries to his arm, leg and chest. He was taken by ambulance to James Connolly Memorial Hospital in Blanchardstown where his condition is “stable”.

His attackers fled in a car and a vehicle was found burnt out on Huntstown Avenue.

A Garda spokesman said: “We are appealing for anyone who was in the area prior to the incident, or immediately afterwards, to contact Blanchardstown on 01 6667000 or the Garda Confidential Line on 1800 666 111.”

Meanwhile, gardaí investigating a separate gun attack caught two suspected gunmen after their motorcycle crashed nearby.

They gunmen had fired at a house on Croftwood Grove in Ballyfermot, south west Dublin, at around midnight on Thursday.

A firearm was recovered. No one was injured.


brothers Alan and Wayne Bradley showed up in court wearing T-shirts advertising an upcoming dance festival.

Promoters of the music festival Escape Fest are denying any association with the Finglas brothers but a spokesperson for Elite Promotions said Alan is a well-known DJ around Dublin.

According to Sean Enright, the promoter, the Bradleys obtained the T-shirts from the festival’s Bebo site where over 500 T-shirts were available.

Alan (33), who is originally from Cappagh Road in Finglas, is now living in Co Meath, the county where the festival is being held — in Fairyhouse Racecourse, Ratoath — this Saturday.

“I didn’t know he [Alan] was wearing the T-shirt. I didn’t even know he had one. I’m shocked,” Mr Enright told the Herald.

“He’s a DJ from town, he’s been doing it for years. There are a good few local DJs from Finglas and Blanchardstown coming down for it.”

The Bradleys wore the T-shirts in a trial for conspiracy to rob a cash-in-transit truck in the Circuit Criminal Court yesterday, where Alan was requesting free legal aid but was turned down by the judge.

The case will be mentioned again on October 7.

Some 500 T-shirts were printed to advertise the Fairyhouse gig. They were sent to DJs and friends by the organisers.

“They’ve been out about two weeks now and they were available when people contacted us on Bebo, we got them delivered to whoever wanted them,” said Mr Enright.

He said the two brothers must have been inspired to wear them by festival supporters who donned the T-shirts to Navan District Court where the music license for the gig was obtained last Wednesday.

“It’s publicity and it’s just getting people out there and advertising it,” he explained.

“[Staff] were dealing with the T-shirts through the website and posting them out. I’ve seen loads of people wearing them. We’re only two days away from it now so we won’t be giving out any more.”

hobby : DJs Stephen Donnelly and Spencer were spotted wearing the T-shirts in Navan district court, and Mr Enright said locals from Navan donned them to show their support after the festival was prevented from going ahead in Navan Rugby club by concerned locals.

“I was in a suit but two or three of the DJs were wearing them,” said the promoter. “When they wore them in court they got a great reception. The locals also wore them to support it [the festival].”

“It’s a hobby of mine and throughout the year we were bringing over acts and getting them into nightclubs and we decided to upscale it.”

Mr Enright said the event in Fairyhouse will be heavily policed with up to 50 guards and 100 stewards. Coaches will ferry dance enthusiasts to and from the gig.

– Geraldine Gittens


Businessman Sean Enright was hit five times as his VW Golf was riddled with nine bullets.

The gym-owner and music promoter (30) was singled out for execution after refusing to hand over cash to the mob, believed to be behind a number of Tiger kidnappings.

The dad-of-two was seriously injured when a gunman pumped five bullets into him as he sat in a car outside his girlfriend’s home at Rusheeney Manor, Clonsilla, at 9.30pm last night.

Three shots lodged in Mr Enright’s chest.

As a major investigation got underway, sources told the Herald that an extortion plot is the main motive for the attack.

The mob behind the plot are also suspected of being involved in a number of “tiger” kidnappings in recent years.

“A major west Dublin gang are extorting cash from businessmen, or attempting to. If you don’t pay you get threatened. This group are the chief suspects for the shooting,” a source said.

“Mr Enright would be well known in the bodybuilding and dance music businesses and he would be a target.”

In a separate incident, two bumbling gunmen were caught by gardai after crashing their bike while making a getaway from a house shooting in Ballyfermot at 1am today.

Mr Enright is a champion bodybuilder and also ran the Escape dance festival.

The Navan-based festival hit the headlines 18 months ago when Finglas brothers Alan and Wayne Bradley were photographed wearing the shirts in Dublin. Mr Enright denied any association with them.

The businessman, who is a champion bodybuilder, is in a serious condition at James Connolly Memorial Hospital in Blanchardstown today. He is originally from the Cabra area but has been living in Clonsilla.

He was hit five times as he got out of his car at his girlfriend’s house in Rusheeney Village, Clonsilla. The gunman fired nine bullets at the car from a handgun. Mr Enright was hit three times in the chest, once in the arm and once in the leg.

Minutes earlier, Enright had arrived at the scene in a blue VW Golf car. He was in the vehicle when the gunman ran up to him, opened fire with a handgun, and made his getaway.

Despite his injuries, Enright walked to the ambulance that rushed to the scene. He was later described as being in a serious condition after undergoing surgery for gunshot wounds to his chest and upper body.

Today, the blue VW Golf GTI driven by Enright was sealed off outside his house on Rusheeney Manor in Clonsilla, with nine bullet holes visible in the side window and windscreen.

Three of the bullets went straight through the car and exited the passenger door, peeling back the metal door skin as they came out the other side.

Blood stains could be seen in the driveway and the hall of Enright’s house where he escaped to safety while the gunmen made their getaway.

Gardai think the gunman was driven from the scene. A car was later found burnt out nearby and tests will be carried out to establish if it was used in the getaway. In the second — and unrelated — shooting incident overnight, shots were fired at a house in the Croftwood area of Ballyfermot at around 1am.

While nobody was injured, the two men suspected to have been involved crashed their motorbike on the Davitt Road shortly afterwards. A sawn-off shotgun was recovered before the men were taken to hospital. Their injuries are not thought to be life threatening.

– Conor Feehan

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