Dublin: Irish Medicines Board Issue Danger Warning Over ‘Herbal’ Magicream

27 Jan

THE state’s drug policing body has issued a warning about a product called Magicream that claims to be a herbal remedy for a wide range of skin conditions.

The Irish Medicines Board (IMB) said the product, which claims to be 100% herbal-based, contains a steroid and a substance used to treat fungal infections.

The product labelling does not list the two ingredients, rendering it an illegal medicine, according to the medicines board.

“Magicream is not authorised for marketing in Ireland and cannot be considered safe,” the medicines board warned.

Samples of the product, when tested by an independent laboratory on behalf of the board were found to contain clobetasol propionate, which is a steroid, and ketoconazole, which is used to treat fungal infections.

Products containing the medicines require an IMB or European Medicines Agency Product authorisation in order to be legally sold on the Irish market.

Clobetasol propionate products cannot legally be sold in Ireland without a prescription, while the sale of ketoconazole-containing products is confined to pharmacies only.

The IMB has warned that it is illegal to sell such products on the internet to customers in Ireland.

Denise McGowan, who has suffered from psoriasis since she was three-years-old, bought Magicream from a trader at a health conference in Kilkenny last September.

“I was told it was completely natural and would work wonders. The person who sold it to me said he had psoriasis and only used it on one elbow to show the difference. The treated elbow was completely clear.

“So I bought a small tube of the product and I was very surprised at how quickly it worked but, like any other steroid cream, it was just pushing the problem aside for a little while. It was not a cure and the makers are saying it is.”

Ms McGowan, who is from Dublin, said the product did get rid of her psoriasis but she found it came back a couple of days after she stopped using it. Nevertheless, she thought it was a great product because it claimed to be 100% natural.

“I still have the leaflet about Magicream and photocopied it for my friends. I thought it was brilliant because it was completely natural,” she said. “I only used it for a couple of weeks because it ran out. The tube that it came in was tiny and it was expensive.”

Ms McGowan said she was amazed that she never realised that the product contained a steroid and would certainly not recommend it to anyone now.

The Psoriasis Association of Ireland is urging anyone who has used, or is currently using Magicream, to get in touch with the IMB as soon as possible, cease using the product immediately and to contact their dermatologist.


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