Bolton, Manchester: Drug Traffickers Lifestyle Betrayed Him: SOCA

21 Jan

Drug trafficker’s lifestyle gave him away:

A man whose £4m home was featured in a glossy lifestyle magazine is starting a prison sentence today for drug trafficking.

Paul Yearsley’s house in Bolton had marble floors, its own cinema, and an indoor swimming pool. He claimed to have made his money from car dealing but SOCA suspected his involvement in the drugs trade and began investigating him in late 2008.

Yearsley, 44, was arrested in Bolton on 18 December 2009 along with two other men after SOCA surveillance officers watched 120 kilos of cannabis resin change hands at the Middlebrook Retail Park. The cannabis was packed into four bales covered with yellow plastic. Analysis by an expert witness determined that the bales were packed as they would have been in the source country, probably North Africa.

Yearsley pleaded guilty on 25 October 2010 at the opening of his trial. He was sentenced to 5 Years 4 months at Manchester Crown Court.

Frederick John Hoyle, 51, of Chelmsford and Tony Dixon, 39, of Horwich were sentenced to 3 years and 2 years 8 months respectively for their roles.

As well as his £4m home, Paul Yearsley owned a villa on the Costa del Sol, a brand new Range Rover and a Bentley Continental.

SOCA’s Steve Baldwin said:

“Paul Yearsley was a man whose lifestyle on paper and in reality simply didn’t match. Many serious criminals go to great lengths to hide the scale of their wealth, unless they are confident they will never get caught with their hands on the goods. Unfortunately for Yearsley he couldn’t resist splashing out on luxury houses and cars. SOCA will now be investigating his assets, and if we can prove they are the proceeds of crime we will do everything we can to take them off him.”


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