Ulster: GAA Fund Raising Children Suffer Sectarian Hostility At Tesco

30 Apr

By J. P. Anderson:

Commenting on the news that children from St Colmghalls GAA Club, taking part in a charity ‘bag packing’ in the Antrim branch of Tesco, were forced to remove their club kits due to complaints, Chairman of the Assembly’s Culture Arts and Leisure Committee, Barry McElduff MLA said,
“I have to express my utter disgust that people would complain to Tesco forcing them to ask young children, fund raising on behalf of their local club, to remove their club kit and wear other clothes instead.
I am hugely shocked that Tesco as a company would so readily go along with the suppression of Irish culture and identity in this way.
The GAA is a community based, voluntary sporting organisation throughout Ireland that works tirelessly on behalf of people, young and old, striving to promote health and fitness, community and self respect as well as individual and personal development. I have no doubt that its membership across Ireland will be equally shocked and upset at this move on the part of Tesco.
I have today written to the company’s Chief Executive, expressing my concern at the willingness by the Antrim Branch of Tesco to comply with such blatant hostility to Ireland’s premier sporting and community organisation and also asking him for a clear explanation of this particular move and the rational behind it, given our equality laws here in the north of Ireland.”


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