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Athlone Serial Rapist New Photofit

30 Oct

Athlone Serial Rapist New Photo-fit

By J. P. Anderson

A new photo-fit image of the main suspect in the investigation of three violent assaults on women in the Athlone area has been issued.

It is understood the new image has been published after extensive interviews with some of the victims of the assaults that took place during August and September.

The image is being published as part of a new appeal for information which is being made on ‘Crime-call’ on RTÉ Television 10 15. tonight.


Athlone Serial Rapist New Photofit Image

30 Oct

Athlone Rapist Gardai Issue New Photo-fit Image

By J. P. Anderson

Gardai will today issue a new photo-fit image of a Serial Rapist (The Beast of Athlone), amid fears that he will strike again.

Tonight’s RTE ONE Crime-call programme will carry the new photo-fit image of the three-times attacker as well as reconstructions of the savage assaults, which took place Bonavalley Bridge, less than a mile from Athlone Town centre.

Crime-call will be shown at 10.15pm on RTE 1.


Cocaine And Gun Charges Man In Court

29 Oct

Cocaine And Gun Charge Man Remanded

By J. P. Anderson

A 28-year-old man has been remanded in custody until Friday after he appeared at Dublin District Court charged in connection with a drugs seizure in Clondalkin last Friday.

Keith Ennis, with an address at 75 Oak Way in Clondalkin, was charged with possession of a semi automatic Glock 9 millimetre pistol and ammunition.

He was also charged with possession of a quantity of cocaine valued at about €2,000 for sale or supply.

Ms Justice Mary Collins remanded Mr Ennis in custody until Friday, when an application for bail will be heard at Cloverhill District Court.

Four men were arrested following a series of planned raids in Walkinstown, Clondalkin and Tallaght.

The three other men have all been released without charge.

Two of the men were released earlier with a file being prepared for the DPP.

Halloween: Children “Demonised” By “Discriminatory” Campaigns

28 Oct

Halloween: Children “Demonised”

By “Discriminatory” Campaigns

By J. P. Anderson

Police and local authorities are "demonising" children by launching "discriminatory" campaigns highlighting anti-social behaviour in the run-up to Halloween and Bonfire Night, a national youth organisation said.
Forces are contradicting Government policy on promoting positive images of youth by handing out posters suggesting that it is dangerous to sell flour and eggs to children and producing literature threatening youngsters with imprisonment and fines, says the British Youth Council (BYC).

BYC officials say police and local authorities are wasting public money because the vast majority of youngsters would never dream of frightening elderly people on Halloween, never throw fireworks and only use flour and eggs for cooking.

A number of forces have launched campaigns highlighting the threat posed by young people on Halloween.

Cambridgeshire police – in conjunction with several local councils – are giving shopkeepers a poster which portrays a group of five children as ghouls and monsters and warns "young people" that they could be arrested if found "in possession of flour (or) eggs".

Lincolnshire police are warning youngsters that trick or treating could lead to imprisonment.

"Its discrimination against young people and young people seem to be the last group in society where discrimination is seen as legitimate," said Rachael Dumigan, 21, a campaign worker with the BYC.

The BYC said such posters contradicted a Government initiative aimed at improving the lives of children. In July, the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) published a strategy document which warned of the dangers of promoting negative and unfair images of youngster.

A spokeswoman for Cambridgeshire police defended the campaigns, saying officers were responding to "genuine concerns".

"We do not want to be seen as killjoys but we have had genuine concerns expressed by some members of the public about anti-social behaviour on Halloween," she said.

UK: Knife Crime Committed Every Few Minutes

28 Oct

UK: knife Crime Committed Every Few Minutes

By J. P. Anderson

Labour’s record on knife crime is once again under intense scrutiny after new figures revealed one offence involving a knife is committed every 24 minutes of the day.

Figures from 37 police forces, obtained by the Mail on Sunday under the Freedom of Information Act, showed there were 5,500 serious crimes involving knives in just three months this year.

The statistic equates to one every 24 minutes, around the clock, and includes 55 knife-related murders, more than 2,000 stabbings and almost 2,500 muggings at gunpoint.

The Tories immediately criticised the Government for ignoring the true extent of the knife crime problem on Britain’s streets and claimed their denial was adding to the issue.

Campaigners also pointed the finger at the Government for failing to enact tougher measures against offenders, and insisted they needed to take the issue far more seriously.

The Mail claimed the figures, which listed different areas according to the number of knife attacks, were the first-ever meaningful representation of knife crime on British streets.

They revealed London, Manchester and Birmingham to be the worst-affected areas, while West Yorkshire, Merseyside and Northumbria police forces were also in the top 10.

During just April, May and June this year, the Metropolitan Police in London recorded 1,580 offences – more than quarter of the national total.

A breakdown reveals 17 people are stabbed or robbed at knifepoint in the capital every day.

Six police forces did not supply data but, to come to a national total, it was assumed they had average rates of knife crime.

RN Ship In Massive Cocaine Seizure

27 Oct

Royal Navy Ship in Massive Cocaine Haul

By J. P. Anderson

Navy ship in massive cocaine haul Plymouth-based Royal Navy warship HMS Portland has seized more than three tonnes of cocaine in a drugs bust.

The ship was on patrol in the North Atlantic when one of her Lynx helicopters found a suspicious looking fishing vessel.

As HMS Portland approached the crew were seen throwing packages over the side of the Venezuelan-registered boat.

The vessel is now being escorted to Venezuela where the local authorities will take over.

Commanding Officer, CDR Mike Utley said: "I’m delighted to have taken this amount of drugs out of circulation.

"This is the culmination of five months of hard work and dedication.

"This drugs bust is the icing on the cake for what has been an extremely successful deployment."

Type 23 frigate HMS Portland, which has been working closely with US coastguards, has made a number of boardings over the past five months, although this is the first time drugs have been seized.

The crew of another vessel ditched 3.3 tonnes of cocaine before she was intercepted.

HMS Portland, which returns to Plymouth at Christmas, has also been involved in the relief effort in Belize following Hurricane Dean.

Dublin: Apartment Fire Safety Now A Key Issue

27 Oct

Apartment Fire Safety Now a Key Issue

‘Immediate Moratorium on Apartment Building – Doolan’

By J. P. Anderson

Sinn Féin’s Cllr. Daithí Doolan, Chairman of Dublin City Council’s Planning Committee, has today called for an immediate moratorium on apartment building in Dublin. He was responding to the publication of a report by Dublin City Council into apartment living in Dublin.
Speaking ahead of next week’s meeting with Dublin’s apartment owners, Cllr. Doolan claimed:
“There are lessons to be learnt from the recent fire in Drogheda. The City Council’s own report entitled ‘Successful Apartment Living’ raises serious questions about the safety of our existing apartment complexes. This report is a damning indictment of how apartments are designed, built and managed: –
· 75% of all apartment complexes surveyed had low scores on fire safety
· There is a lack of clarity about responsibility for fire safety and prevention in apartment developments
Cllr. Doolan continued: –
An immediate Fire Risk Assessment by Dublin City Council is urgently required
“Since the publication of the report I have had urgent consultations with concerned apartment residents. Many of them are in a state of fear and alarm since the fire in Drogheda, which has further highlighted the concerns of apartment residents. I intend to raise the situation with the City Manager as soon as possible. I will be tabling an Emergency Motion at the forthcoming City Council meeting calling for an immediate cessation of work on new apartment complexes until a total Fire Risk Assessment is carried out on all apartment blocks. We cannot allow for any lapses in safety standards”
Cllr. Doolan concluded,
“This excellent report and the recent near tragedy in Drogheda have shown us that Dublin City Council has a duty of care to all of the apartment dwellers in Dublin. We must act now before it’s too late”