Speculators To Make Millions From Cancer Hospital Sale

28 Apr

Property Speculators Will Make Millions

From Sale Of Dublin Cancer Hospital

By J. P. Anderson

Doolan – Letter demands McDowell should keep Dublin cancer hospital open.-
Sinn Féin’s Dublin South East Election Candidate, Cllr. Daithí Doolan recently delivered a letter to Minister for Justice Michael McDowell demanding
that the senior government minister step in and save St Luke’s Cancer Hospital in
Rathgar. Dublin.
Speaking at a protest outside the Minister McDowell’s office in Ranelagh, Cllr. Doolan said:
“I have hand delivered a letter to a local TD and senior government Minister Michael McDowell demanding that he uses his immense influence to overturn the decision to close St Luke’s Cancer hospital here in Rathgar.

People have come here today from all over Ireland to protest at government plans to sell off St Luke’s to private developers.

The government is attempting to close down this hospital and sell the property off to property speculators who stand to make millions while patients wait on hospital trolleys for treatment.

The government is planning on moving the cancer patients from St.
Luke’s into St. James hospital. This is unacceptable as St. James is ill prepared and under resourced.

Serious questions need to be asked as to why the government are shutting down a fully operational hospital at a time when the public is demanding more hospitals and more hospital beds to be available.”
Cllr. Doolan continued.
“Sinn Féin fully supports the Campaign to Save St. Luke’s and we are calling on the government to abandon their plans. Here today the message is clear, local TD and senior member of government Minister Michael McDowell must use his influence to keep our hospital open. It is his fellow party colleague Minister for Health Mary Harney who is putting the price tag on this hospital. The PD leader must show leadership and scrap the plans once and for all.

If McDowell does not prevent this hospital closure he could well be receiving not just a letter of protest in the post but his P45 sooner than he thinks.”
Concluding Cllr. Doolan called on
“All parties & the general public to rally together and pledge their support for keeping St Luke’s open.”


Ireland Lacks Comprehensive Research or Data

On Immigration or Integration – Doolan


Integrating Ireland Conference:
Speaking from the conference at the Central Hotel. Dublin recently, Dublin SF Cllr. Daithi Doolan said:
“Sinn Féin is an anti racist party committed to ensuring integration takes place in our growing multicultural society.”
Cllr. Doolan explains, “the current government, and in particular Minister for Justice, Equality & Law Reform Michael McDowell, continue to mishandle the process for asylum seekers and economic migrants. In the system he control’s there is unacceptable back logs, a process that lacks transparency, and no comprehensive data or research on immigration or integration.

Sinn Féin believes interculturalism and integration is good for our society.
In government Sinn Féin intends to establish a cross departmental structure to coordinate work on Immigration and Integration, similar to the office of Minister of Children. This structure would develop a clear, nationally agreed strategy adequately funded and resourced. “Cllr. Doolan continued
“Certain parties may attempt to play the race card in the forthcoming elections. This must be avoided and challenged at all times. A clear message must come from today’s meeting that there is no place for racism in Irish politics. The real issues concerning our communities are lack of social & affordable housing, a two tier health care system and the real threat to our environment. Any attempt to blame our immigrant communities for any of these problems is clearly misplaced. The blame for failing public services lies firmly at the door of this government.”

In conclusion Cllr. Doolan, called on, “all candidates and political parties to sign the Anti Racist Protocol and ensure racism and bigotry is reduced to the bin of Irish politics.”


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