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Mentally Ill Children ‘ Hold Them To Account’

30 Apr

Their Neglect Of Mentally Ill Children

Hold Them To Account

By J. P. Anderson

Every Child Matters:

“From June 2007, you will be able to apply to the Health Service Executive (HSE) for an independent assessment of need for your child under five who has a disability. This assessment will be done independently without thinking about the cost or availability of the services. Your child’s assessment must start no later than three months after you have applied for it and when completed, you will receive an assessment report. There will be regular follow-up assessments as needs change. All other children with a disability will be given an assessment of need as soon as possible“.

It dropped through my letter box with my ESB bill, at the very dawn of the general election, that invitation to the people to elect to the nations parliament people who will represent them and run the country for the next five years. A promise of fair play and equality for all – that is all but the mentally ill and mentally ill children in particular.

The Booklet, an election ploy by the Minister For Health, if ever there was an election ploy. It’s Title as strange as the shoddy health service that it refers to. ‘New Disability Plans’ – what they mean for you and your family -. The ‘National Disability Authority’s booklet urges you to take just five minutes to read it, which I did, and there on page 4- I, found the first fatal flaw, under a. Every Child Matters. As you can see from the leading paragraph quoted from the booklet. EQUALITY I ask?.

Is a separate or an unequal opportunity of access to services not contrary to the meaning of the word EQUALITY?. Is The wording ’EVERY CHILD’ not to mean every human person under the age of 18 years?.

Here we have the ‘National Disability Authority’ enshrining UN-EQUALITY in the provision of services to children with a disability, engendering discrimination by age amongst our child population and determining that one child age group will receive services in preference to and/or over and above the need of children of a higher age group. If my child is six years of age, then its hard luck.

When This booklet drops through your letter box, spend a couple of hours reading it, and put any thought of a GENERAL ELECTION and the MINISTER for HEALTH and the LACK OF CHILD/ADOLESCENT MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES- right out of your mind and above all do not read ‘Lost Children In The Wilderness’ on this page.


The Next Wave On A Visit To Dublin Ireland.

29 Apr

Visit the Next Wave

By J. P. Anderson


The Next Wave:

The ship’s main objective is to train, equip, and enable young volunteers to work in various humanitarian and reconciliation efforts around the world. The vessel will serve as a training base spending most of its time in the Mediterranean region with a major focus on the Middle East.

Each year the Next Wave will run an YWAM ’Discipleship Training School (DTS), short-term mission trips, reconciliation initiatives, as well as being the floating base for several months of outreach.

In a bid to raise some funds for YWAM’s new training vessel, the ‘Next Wave’ a young man by the name of Nathan Edwards is cycling from London to Paris, as he says he is inspired by the Next Wave project. And he would like to support the ministery of the ship as a tool for evangelism and the training of young people. You can sponsor Nathan by the metre, if every metre of Nathan’s ride is sponsored, the purchase price of the ship will be met. (How about that).

The Next Wave is in Dublin until Wednesday Next.

Speculators To Make Millions From Cancer Hospital Sale

28 Apr

Property Speculators Will Make Millions

From Sale Of Dublin Cancer Hospital

By J. P. Anderson

Doolan – Letter demands McDowell should keep Dublin cancer hospital open.-
Sinn Féin’s Dublin South East Election Candidate, Cllr. Daithí Doolan recently delivered a letter to Minister for Justice Michael McDowell demanding
that the senior government minister step in and save St Luke’s Cancer Hospital in
Rathgar. Dublin.
Speaking at a protest outside the Minister McDowell’s office in Ranelagh, Cllr. Doolan said:
“I have hand delivered a letter to a local TD and senior government Minister Michael McDowell demanding that he uses his immense influence to overturn the decision to close St Luke’s Cancer hospital here in Rathgar.

People have come here today from all over Ireland to protest at government plans to sell off St Luke’s to private developers.

The government is attempting to close down this hospital and sell the property off to property speculators who stand to make millions while patients wait on hospital trolleys for treatment.

The government is planning on moving the cancer patients from St.
Luke’s into St. James hospital. This is unacceptable as St. James is ill prepared and under resourced.

Serious questions need to be asked as to why the government are shutting down a fully operational hospital at a time when the public is demanding more hospitals and more hospital beds to be available.”
Cllr. Doolan continued.
“Sinn Féin fully supports the Campaign to Save St. Luke’s and we are calling on the government to abandon their plans. Here today the message is clear, local TD and senior member of government Minister Michael McDowell must use his influence to keep our hospital open. It is his fellow party colleague Minister for Health Mary Harney who is putting the price tag on this hospital. The PD leader must show leadership and scrap the plans once and for all.

If McDowell does not prevent this hospital closure he could well be receiving not just a letter of protest in the post but his P45 sooner than he thinks.”
Concluding Cllr. Doolan called on
“All parties & the general public to rally together and pledge their support for keeping St Luke’s open.”


Ireland Lacks Comprehensive Research or Data

On Immigration or Integration – Doolan


Integrating Ireland Conference:
Speaking from the conference at the Central Hotel. Dublin recently, Dublin SF Cllr. Daithi Doolan said:
“Sinn Féin is an anti racist party committed to ensuring integration takes place in our growing multicultural society.”
Cllr. Doolan explains, “the current government, and in particular Minister for Justice, Equality & Law Reform Michael McDowell, continue to mishandle the process for asylum seekers and economic migrants. In the system he control’s there is unacceptable back logs, a process that lacks transparency, and no comprehensive data or research on immigration or integration.

Sinn Féin believes interculturalism and integration is good for our society.
In government Sinn Féin intends to establish a cross departmental structure to coordinate work on Immigration and Integration, similar to the office of Minister of Children. This structure would develop a clear, nationally agreed strategy adequately funded and resourced. “Cllr. Doolan continued
“Certain parties may attempt to play the race card in the forthcoming elections. This must be avoided and challenged at all times. A clear message must come from today’s meeting that there is no place for racism in Irish politics. The real issues concerning our communities are lack of social & affordable housing, a two tier health care system and the real threat to our environment. Any attempt to blame our immigrant communities for any of these problems is clearly misplaced. The blame for failing public services lies firmly at the door of this government.”

In conclusion Cllr. Doolan, called on, “all candidates and political parties to sign the Anti Racist Protocol and ensure racism and bigotry is reduced to the bin of Irish politics.”

Ireland. Day Of Action Against Shell

27 Apr

Day Of Action Against Shell

Shell To Sea Protesters, today picketed the Dublin HQ of Shell Ireland in a day of action against the company.

Dublin Residents Mobilise Against Proposed Ringsend Incinerator

25 Apr

Residents In Mobilisation Against Incinerator.

100’s of residents from Ringsend and Sandymount made their presence felt at the ongoing An Bord Pleanála oral hearing into the proposed incinerator for the Poolbeg Peninsula. Sinn Féin’s Dublin Environment Spokesperson & candidate for Dublin South East, Councillor Daithí Doolan, has welcomed, "the community mobilisation against this attempted government white wash."
Speaking from Ringsend, Dublin, Cllr. Doolan said:
"The whole process, costing 10 million euros, has been an attempt to massage the community into accepting a mass burning incinerator. Only under pressure did An Bord Pleanála accept the need to allow those people who worked during the day to attend an evening session of the hearing. If this demand was not made the hearing would have continued without ordinary people having their say about this crucial development. I am encouraging people to attend the protest but also to come and have their say in front of the Bord."

Cllr. Doolan explains, "The proposal to build an incinerator on the Poolbeg Peninsula area flies against any rationale thinking. The Programme for Government dictates that an incinerator must be built in Dublin, but the Department of Environment have failed to take into account the 10’s thousands of people who plan to move into the area as part of the development of the Poolbeg Peninsula, the Point Village and Dockland Development. The City Council have failed to take into account the fact that having built the Port Tunnel this proposal, if it goes ahead, will now be bringing 100’s of trucks right back through the city centre into a part of the inner city that is already gridlocked. This incinerator is clearly a political trade off, Poolbeg Peninsula must take an incinerator while the people of Lusk must take a super dump in return. Both are unacceptable.

No one doubts that Dublin faces a waste management crisis, but simply burning and burying our waste is not the solution. Communities are committed to defeating the failed strategy of burning and burying our waste. The incinerator must be opposed and the plans abolished. A strategy of tackling the waste crisis at source must be implemented, a strategy that aims at reducing, reusing and recycling, with the ultimate objective of Zero Waste for Dublin."

Cllr. Doolan continued

"At a time when the world is facing massive climate change and global warming we can not allow An Bord Pleanala to do a Pontius Pilot. Our planning decisions must take our global commitments & environmental responsibilities into consideration. Mitigation, taking strong actions to reduce carbon emissions, must be viewed as a planning issue. Ireland is only allowed emit 7 million tonnes of carbon dioxide yet this proposed incinerator will generate 600,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide. This clearly flies in the face of our commitments under the Kyoto agreement."

In conclusion Cllr. Doolan, called on, "An Bord Pleanála to take their responsibility seriously and to reject Dublin City Council’s request for planning permission for the proposed incinerator here in Ringsend."


Disadvantaged Inner-City Communities Must Have

Free/Open Internet Access – Doolan

By J. P. Anderson

Having met with schools in Dublin’s south inner city Sinn Féin’ s Dublin
South East candidate, Councillor Daithí Doolan, has reiterated Sinn Féin’s
call for a socially inclusive not for profit WiFi delivery for Dublin City.

Speaking after the meeting in Pearse Street Cllr. Doolan said “much has been
said on the need to bridge the digital divide existing between the
privileged and disadvantages areas of our city. It is now time to put those
words into action. Communities in the inner city must have free and open
access to the internet.”

“Currently we see an increase in WiFi availability in ‘cherry picked’
premium locations such as café’s and hotels in the city centre yet little if
any availability in the broader community. Sinn Féin believes everyone in
our city can benefit significantly from free WiFi along with training,
support and equipment being made easily available.”

“Ireland currently ranks 20th in a list of 30 OECD countries for the
provision of computers for schools and IT support contracts for the same.
This is unacceptable in a city experiencing an economic boom as we are in
Dublin. The provision of WiFi would go some way to address this imbalance in
our city’s schools. It would also benefit community groups, youth centres,
people with disabilities and our senior citizens.”

Cllr. Doolan outlined:

“Sinn Féin is proposing that the Dublin City Council set up an independent
body that builds the system using City Council assets and allows any ISP to
utilise the service. The independent body would be made up of
representatives of the educational, community and business sectors. It would
be required to raise the capital cost and operate on a not for profit

Cllr. Doolan concluded:

“Dublin City Council can and should lead the way in making this city the
information and communications technology capital of Europe. In doing so we
need to ensure that all our citizens benefit from such a project.”


Plans To Close Down Tobacco Industry

25 Apr

Top Secret Plans to Close Down

Killer Tobacco Industry

By J. P. Anderson

“Cigarettes aren’t as dangerous as guns, but they kill more people than alcohol or guns in the UK and we need to change the culture of cigarette-buying by recognising that”. (Dr. Vivienne Nathanson).

Top secret plans to completely close down the tobacco industry in Ireland the UK and across Europe over the next 20 years have been drawn up by the British Medical Association’s ‘Board Of Science’ and includes radical new measures to increase the cost of cigarettes well above the current historically high, above current inflation level prices, to ban tobacco vending machines. The sale of 10 and 15 packs of cigarettes will soon be banned completely, and the sale of tobacco to the public will be almost completely eliminated within the next two decades.

The radical new blueprint to eliminate tobacco is backed 100% by Doctors and Governments and the measures are also gaining massive public support in Ireland, the UK and across Europe.

Tobacco and Alcohol are basic gateway drugs; both are in themselves highly addictive and are leading children into the subculture of drug acceptance and drug use. Children are being nurtured into addictive patterns from infanthood, and in many cases from the time of conception by maternal smoking, alcohol, and other drugs consumed during pregnancy by mothers.

The Royal College of Physicians estimates that more than 17,000 children under five are admitted to hospital every year because of passive smoking. Although only a quarter of British adults smoke, almost half of the country’s children are exposed to tobacco smoke at home, according to research by Cancer Research UK, the leading cancer charity.

Dr Vivienne Nathanson, the BMA’s head of science and ethics, said: “Cigarettes must be made more inaccessible to children. By banning 10-pack cigarettes and vending machines, and making tobacco more expensive, fewer children will be able to buy them. It’s essential that we break the ’tobacco trap’. Young smokers will become tomorrow’s parents who smoke and they will continue the cycle of smoking-related ill-health and premature death”.

The Republic of Ireland, France, Canada and Australia have already banned the sale of 10-packs, while Norway and New Zealand are considering compelling shops to adopt a ’total non-public display’ policy for cigarettes.

Four Australian states operate the scheme advocated by the BMA, under which places that sell cigarettes must be licensed. The Department of Health (British) will study evidence about these places. Dr. Nathanson said: “Forcing shops selling cigarettes to have a licence, the way off-licences have to, to sell alcohol, would be a public recognition of the dangers of tobacco. Cigarettes aren’t like milk or bread, where anyone can and should be able to sell them. Cigarettes aren’t as dangerous as guns, but they kill more than alcohol or guns in the UK and we need to change the culture of cigarette-buying by recognising that”.

The Action on Smoking and Health pressure group have highlighted what it claims are the dubious and unethical ways in which cigarette manufactures market their deadly products by drawing attention to allegedly unscrupulous practices and the flouting of agreements on marketing techniques through, for example, using the design of cigarette packets to entice buyers.

The published far-reaching suggestions from the BMA’s ‘Board of Science are intended to reduce the harm which adult smoking does to children.

It’s report, ‘Breaking the Cycle of Children’s Exposure to Tobacco Smoke’, stresses that parental smoking has a profound impact on the health of an offspring, through inhalation of second-hand (slip-stream) smoke, house fires caused by cigarettes and encouraging youngsters to regard smoking as normal. Having parents who smoke increases the chance of young people smoking.

The Published measures are intended to reduce what the British Treasury has estimated is the 80 billion cigarettes brought into the UK every year and, overtime, cut the annual toll of about 112,000 deaths – 70,000 in men and 42,000 in women – linked to smoking. About 1,000 people each day are admitted to hospitals in England alone suffering from smoking-related diseases such as cancer, heart disease and respiratory (breathing) problems.

The British Medical Association’s published blueprint for making cigarettes harder to buy, particularly for young people, have been drawn up by leading doctors and will now be evaluated by the British Department of Health.

In the meantime the un-relenting campaign to close down the international tobacco industry continues apace crossing all boundaries despite the powerful tobacco industry lobby to retain their sales internationally of the most common and addictive and lethal all legal drugs – tobacco.

Enquiry Likley As ‘Wexford Family Are Found Dead’

23 Apr

Major Enquiry Likely Into HSE/Garda

Failure to Act ‘As Wexford Family

Of Four Are Found Dead’

By J. P. Anderson

Gardaí have begun an investigation

into the deaths of four people in Co Wexford.

The bodies of a man and woman and two girls aged two and four were discovered in a house near the village of Monageer at 2pm this afternoon.

They have been named locally as Adrian and Ciara Dunne, both in their 20s, and their daughters Liane and Sheniah.

Gardaí said they had asked a local priest to visit the house on Friday because of concerns about the family.

The village is just a few miles from Enniscorthy.

The area has been designated a crime scene and the Garda Technical Bureau and State Pathologist have been requested to attend the scene.

Already it is understood that the unavailability of ‘out of hours’ (emergency) professional health care social workers and other child/protection workers and mental health teams from The HSE over the weekend in the Enniscorthy area of County Wexford and the combined failure of the Gardai and The HSE to act with immediate effect to protect the children who were apparently understood to be at serious risk of harm within the house (Family Home) are the main factors for invest

igators to determine. A local priest was requested to visit the family, rather than any professional health care/child protection HSE personnel.